Try new things

Try new things, observe the effects of trying new things, question the observations.

Trying new things make the journey of life interesting to your brain.

Trying new things make the journey of life interesting to your brain.

In the last few days I indulged in drinking coffee with warm milk rather than water causing interesting effects.   My body (or brain) took to this new nutritional input like a fish to water, partly I think because caffeine and the amino acid tyrosine in the milk crosses the brain-blood barrier fast with rapid impact.  Tyrosine is a building block of the proteins behind the messenger nervous system in the body and brain.

The first impact was when I was running, I can smell the caffeine being dumped out of the pores of my skin so I smell of coffee.  This reminds me of the effects of garlic which does the same thing.  The garlic is a natural way to keep biting insects away (your friends too), they apparently dislike the smell and taste of garlic.

The second impact was I lost my appetite.  For three days I have not been able to bring myself to eat anything apart from a sandwich which I tried to force myself to eat.  There is no adverse effects on my energy levels, and I am careful to leave the coffee out of my diet in the evening.  Evidently warm milk before bed is good for sleep.  At a cost of some three pints of milk a day and moderate “normal” level of coffee granules I have managed to totally obliterate my appetite.  Could this be a new way to lose weight? The coffee-hot milk diet.

This was all accidental, but I have become addicted quickly to the coffee-milk drink.  The quantity I am drinking does not appear to be large, equivalent of three to four pints of milk a day.  The impacts have been immediate and noticeable.  Now my curiosity has been aroused I will stay with this experiment, but will be drinking more water.

Moral of this story: try new things, be observant of the effects of trying new things, question the observations.  In this is the path of invention and discovery, plus a good topic for a blog post.


10 responses to “Try new things

  1. I have been drinking coffee with milk,first thing in the morning, since I was 2.No Idea if I smell like South Indian Kaapi. But I agree with your garlic observation.For the last 3 years I have been cutting down on caffeine by substituting coffee with tea,It took me a while to stop craving coffee in the evening.Even now,I sometimes give in and have coffee at night, if I am tired and need to push myself to work past dinner.

  2. This sounds good. I like a little coffee in my milk but to make the coffee with warm milk only interesting. Appetite suppressant too. Who could ask for more?

  3. Interesting experiment, not sure if only a sandwich a day is good for you, but something for coffee drinkers to think about if they also want to lose weight.

  4. Now when I do drink Coffee which isnt all that often I do prefer it made with milk. I received a coffee maker for Christmas and have probably used it 10 times only to date and mainly for company that comes.. I LOVE the smell of coffee, but prefer my herbal teas mainly..

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