The blessing of choice

Choice is a blessing, which should be used and protected.

Would you like to choose your own path, or rather others tell you how to think and act?

Would you like to choose your own path, or would you rather others tell you how to think and act?

Choice is the ability to determine our own beliefs and actions in the universe.  A rock has no choice, it must accept whatever fate the universe throws at it.  A virus has a small amount of choice for it can act to determine an outcome to get access to a cell to reproduce.  A dog has more choice, but it still must act within a strict number of possibilities such as fight or flight.  Humanity has imagination, which means it can think outside of instinct, for instance a human facing a hungry polar bear could choose to throw a couple of seals to the polar bear to eat instead of choosing the instinctive fight and flight options.

It is interesting to learn that “heresy” is a Greek word meaning choice or a thing chosen.  It was argued by the early Christian church that since a truth ultimately came from their God, and all creation had to obey the truth of their God then anything counter to this truth was evil.  To the Christian church there was no choice, there was only the one truth which all had to obey.  Those that chose, who exercised choice outside of the one truth were heretics, choice became seen as something evil.

In the early centuries of the Christian church there was a drive to fix their beliefs into one centralised dogma, which they achieved through a series of large committee meetings where a group of people decided what the truth would be.  Often there was individuals or groups who argued a belief that was counter to the established universal truth, such as the argument for reincarnation declared as heresy by the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 CE.  Supporters of a heresy were declared heretics and were either persecuted or killed.

My support of choice, and other beliefs that I express through Liberated Way would have had me jailed and burnt at the stake in my town of Colchester in past centuries by those that reject choice and demand I follow their own set of beliefs.

For each of us the ability to choose our beliefs and actions is a blessing.   It saddens me that even today there are those who desire to take away the power of choice from their fellow human beings, whilst many are the people who have given away their choice to others to determine what they believe and do.


12 responses to “The blessing of choice

  1. Drinkin the post..will reread and.comment tomorrow.. 😛

  2. Given the identical molecule-for-molecule situation, could you have ‘chosen’ otherwise? Furthermore, why would you? Does this consideration have any impact on belief in what you call choice? Can we in any meaningful way verify that we actually exercise choice (I think we do, in that we – meaning different parts of our brain – evaluate a multitude of factors and consequences before committing to action, but this, too, is an organic process)?

    There is compelling evidence that what we call choice is actually a deterministic process that we then rationalize after the fact.

    • Choice is a kinetic process, the moment the nature of a thing converts into action. Belief is a type of potentiality which has a will to move in a given direction in a given way, but choice is the product of a mind, or as Aristotle calls it entelechy, that which mediates the nature of a thing with the strife of the universe, either reacting to strife or acting because of the internal nature. Choice comes from the same source as conciousness, mind, creativity, intelligence, it is determining and independent of internal nature and strife, though it works to harmonise the inner and outer into an order from chaos.

  3. Alex, I would be right next to you in jail. I was originally raised Catholic, at that time only the Priests were allowed to read the bible as we were told we weren’t intelligent enough to understand it. I questioned everything and by age 17 was asked to leave, never went back. I refuse to give up my freedom to chose my beliefs or the way I live.

    • Choice is beautiful and a blessing, sadly there are so many individuals and groups motivated to deny the self choice. I am glad you were free spirited enough to resist the effort of others to break your internal will to choose your belief and life. Those that lose their choice end up like a car having no will of its own and totally dependent upon a driver to move it around.

  4. Ignorance comes into play here too (at least as choice pertains to people) – the more rigid and uninformed one is, the more resistant one becomes to the freedom associated with choice. Not particularly empirical, though my hunch is that there are some psychological studies out there that bear some parallel to this hypothesis.

    • Choice is related to self awareness and intelligence (reasoning), it is observable that the factors that undermine choice have three related qualities of ignorance, control and hubris in play.

  5. what you said about the stake moved me. This is now far from us…Today we have the choice to think by ourselves or even follow holders of truth .. Freedom is the concience !

  6. It was interesting reading the background of heresy.
    The majority drowning out the dissenters.

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