How to change the world

Changes to self acts as ripples of change to the world.

Change often starts within.

Change often starts within.

Throw a rock into a pool it creates ripples, eventually the pool grows still again.  Like the pool nature will move to a state of harmony if given the chance.

We all know that humanity and this planet suffer many challenges.  Many feel they need to change or improve the world.  Those people fail to realise that nature knows where the state of harmony is, and is attempting to get to that state of harmony, therefore one has no need to change or improve the world.

The problem with the desire to change the world is it becomes a form of control, attempting to force others to do something they have no desire to do.  One of the problems of humanity is control, everyone trying to control each other, self and nature, which ends in conflict where nobody but the strongest wins.  The problem with control is choice, liberty and creativity is taken away from those being controlled, and there is no opportunity to gain wisdom from mistakes.

I have spent too many years of my life trying to change or improve the world.  I won some battles, I lost others.  Worse, I became sometimes no better than those I fought against.  Often control made the situation worse.  I am reminded of the Greek legend of King Sisyphus who was condemned to roll a boulder up a steep hill only to see it roll down again, an activity he was condemned to repeat for all of eternity.  Trying to change or improve the world was my equivalent of King Sisyphus.

The answer is to be a ripple of change to the world by doing our own thing.  By changing ourselves, by living our dreams, setting an example, we emanate ripples of change into the world.  We transform the world by transforming ourselves.  Remember that stone that splashed into the pool? We are the stone, our activities in making ourselves happy, healthy and abundant becomes the ripples of change into the world.  We force nobody to do anything, since all our efforts are focused on ourselves, we show by example which others may copy.  People will follow our example since they see what we do works.

It is hard to let go, but let go we must.  Change is inside rippling outwards.


46 responses to “How to change the world

  1. Absolutely! Be the Change!

    We are the change. 🙂

  2. I was about to disagree with you this time, but in the end you said it perfectly and it is what I am trying to do in my life, just live and see what happens.

  3. I like your analogy in this post… the ripples from a stone thrown in the water… the ripples can be disturbed by objects in its path, causing a second ripple to form.. once more reaching out to others… something like us re-blogging a post…

  4. Thanks for this insight.I was reminded of your robin song post.I found them very relevant at a personal level.

  5. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    The challenge for me, over the years, has been to accept that the change I want in the world begins with me to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi. Thomas Merton and, later, Parker Palmer wrote about the violence of activism. They are not talking about social justice, but the being so busy that the busyness of triviality overwhelms. Paul Simon’s words come to mind: Slow down/you move to fast/you gotta make the morning last. Have a great morning.

    • Thanks for sharing this blog post Ivon. Yes, slowing down and concentrating on the quality of life has a profound impact on the self, but then that quality will emanate as ripples to impact others. When I was little some teachers were so busy they forgot about their students such as me, those that slowed down remembered I existed and I thrived under them.

  6. And remember – when you’re doing your own thing, any little ripple you make is not insignificant and you’re not alone. There is a world of people with you. Don’t believe the hype the playhouse mirror society reflects upon us. Stay true to you.

  7. Wonderful blog as usual. I agree with the ripple effect and our words here at WordPress does increase the effect.

    • WordPress is a good communication medium to share our ideas with the world and to come into contact with the ideas of others like yourself, all those ripples going backwards and forwards have a great impact.

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  9. These beautiful words reminded me of Lao-Tse’s words; ” the snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. neither do you need to do anything but be yourself “

  10. Profound. Period. Thanks Alex.

  11. Very good post. I like the way you have expressed this, no argument from me!

  12. Just read your post a few minutes ago and was moved by the honesty of the message. My bonus was realising that you have given me inspiration with regard to a book review that I have to complete by the end of tomorrow for publication on LfD during the week. I’m reviewing Guy McPherson’s book Walking Away from Empire: A Personal Journey.

    So thank you, twofold!

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  14. Always does it start with Self!.. and the ripples flow ever outwards

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  16. This was very relevant to me. I am just now realizing that “changing the world” isn’t really just futile, it’s also a form of control. I have been trying for several months now to be at peace with myself and the world, rather than find battles everywhere. Thank you for such a very well written, well thought out blog.

    • I am glad you found this blog useful. Thanks for your comment. Trying to change the world is a form of control, which creates stress in self, I am sure you will note a difference by letting go, by making changes in yourself you by default ripple change into the world.

  17. I do think you are on to something here.I can only change me.The ripple effect is a perfect analogy. cause demands an effect. Thank you for your write. Conformation made clear.

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    Be the change…

  19. thenewearthdaily

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  20. ‘We transform the world by transforming ourselves’ – true! 🙂

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  22. Mildred Sanders

    Why are you allowing greasy, fat-laden, gmo, pink slimy, fake MacDonald’s food ads on your site??

    • I have no control over the adverts that might appear on this site. I am unhappy to know that such adverts as you describe are appearing, which does not reflect the outlook of the Liberated Way. The problem of hosting a blog on is that I and my readers have to suffer advertisements that WordPress places onto the site, which is how they are able to afford to offer bloggers like me a free blogging service.

  23. I think in nature and how we live there is a journey towards balance. Yes, let’s model living well and in harmony. Yes, let’s reject evangelizing that tells others how they too must live. But let’s not give up having an active voice in our world. We do have obligations to communicate how we gained our insights in a non annoying manner. We do have obligations to challenge corrupt power even if we dont need to ruin our lives or presume success. What is the balance between being aggressive (annoying) vs passive (annoying) and plotting an assertive course that engages and respects.

    Marcy Westerling

    • Thanks for your comment,I was thinking about this subject of intervention today. I plan to do a follow up post. Yes, there is always balance. This is one of the subjects that continue to challenge my thinking.

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