The difference between profit and prosperity

Support those that concentrate on prosperity.

Those that concentrate on prosperity benefit all.  You make the difference by supporting only those that put prosperity first as their end goal.

Those that concentrate on prosperity benefit all. You make the difference by supporting only those that put prosperity first as their end goal.

As a stakeholder you should benefit from, have a say in, and participate in anything you are associated with in life, if not then it may be a relationship you need to review.  That which you are stakeholder in can be focussed on either profit or prosperity.  I define prosperity as bringing about happiness, health and abundance.

In the current paradigm most organisations, groups and individuals have their attention only on profit, their beliefs and behaviours are focussed on profit at the expense of other considerations like health and happiness.  Those that place profit first will do so at the expense of their stakeholders the customers, suppliers, employees and investors who will feel used and abused.  Health and happiness is sacrificed for profit, money is the end goal.  Society and the environment is neglected or harmed in the pursuit of profit.

Those that concentrate on prosperity will look after their stakeholders, they will delight their customers and team with good beliefs and behaviour that bring about happiness, health and abundance for everyone.  Those with prosperity as the end goal will care for society and the environment in all their decision-making and processes.

You have the power to make the difference by supporting only those that put prosperity first, avoiding those that are obsessed with profit at all costs.  You are stakeholder not consumer, you benefit from, you participate in, you have a voice, if not, why not? Those that have profit as their end goal will do only harm, those that have prosperity as their end goal benefit all.


12 responses to “The difference between profit and prosperity

  1. Short as well as profound one! Well done.\m/ 🙂
    PS: Please do have a look at this and share your sincere feedback after watching it.


  2. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Alex has an ability I so wish I had-the ability to explain things simply, directly and concisely so that anyone can understand them. His posts do not take long to read, but their wisdom sticks in your mind so that you can actually use it in real life!

  3. I couldn’t have said it better. I will not give my money to those who care only for profit and take not one look at the harm they are doing in their pursuit of money.

  4. Great post! Maybe one of the root causes that many managers are so money driven is because they feel so stressed that they give up. To help society prosper, we first have to learn how to lead a life in which we can prosper ourselves.

  5. Well said Alex…… we each need to understand that we all have a choice and should now choose carefully… The Future is in our hands..

  6. There are a great many corporate vampires who I will have nothing to do with, particularly those that cause so much suffering to animals.

    • It is part of the modern paradigm that all corporates appear to abuse people and nature. Better where possible to favour small independent local business where you have good knowledge about what they are doing.

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