Be positive, offer solutions

Being positive attracts people to you, acts as ripples to motivate them to positive action.

Motivate others by being positive, offer solutions to challenges.

Motivate others by being positive, offer solutions to challenges.

The news media is full of doom and gloom.  Added to this the general default of many to be negative or to offer obstacles rather than solutions to challenges.  People drown in negativity, there is no energy to make positive change.

As an agent of change it is better to be positive, offering solutions to problems. People are naturally drawn to the positive, and will avoid the negative.  Yes, there are many challenges in the world, and humanity is risking its future, but taking away the motivation to do something about these challenges by negativity won’t improve things.

Positivity is a high energy type which inspires, motivates, getting the brain cells firing in a creative motivated way.  Positivity is food to happy and healthy change.  Be realistic about the challenge and its consequences, but then offer a solution within the ability of the listener to do something about it.  Send out positive ripples so that others are inspired to follow your action by example.


18 responses to “Be positive, offer solutions

  1. [ Smiles ] Very uplifting!

    I agree with everything in your article!

  2. Enjoyed your writing very much. Positive is my middle name! If we can stay optimistic when surrounded by negativity and know all is working accordingly even though may not seem so; give GRATITUDE rather than judge, we will straight away feel more PEACEFUL and be WISER.

  3. I can always be positive for others. Harder to be positive for myself. I do avoid the news as well.

  4. Such important advice for these times.

  5. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award 

    Blessings be

  6. Some time ago I asked my colleagues at work: “What motivates you most?” They responded: “Working with motivated people!” Good post!

  7. Our reptilian brains are wired to naturally be most susceptible to fear and further our mammalian evolution led to part of the brain that houses fears and negativity. What’s magnificent is our ability to overcome these inherent traits with positive thought to transform our attitude, health, behavior, etc.

    When it comes to initiating positive change, surely we must be positive. It is far to easy to respond to our instinctual woes without formulating steps forward. Thanks for the words, Alex.

  8. I couldnt agree with you more…. The News however thrives upon the negative…… thats why I try not to link into its vibration..Fear is a key component in suppressing the masses for easier control.. Woe that we should ‘THINK’ for ourselves ;-). But more and more are.. We are at last waking up from our slumbers and are seeing what was working is now no longer working so we need to change it..

    • So many people now protect their body by filtering what they eat, but how many their minds? All that toxic and irrelevant negativity to suck us into a swamp of depression. You are right, we are polluted with media negativity but also being told how to think. Waking up people like yourself have taken control of their minds, being the good gatekeeper of what comes in and what stays out.

  9. Excellent advice! Something that it very difficult for me is trying to be positive. I always aim to push on in spite of the negativity and hopelessness. I do wish there was more to be positive about.

    • You can do a self assessment of all the blessings in your life like being able to read, be able to see, being alive. You can do positive activity that makes you happier, healthier and more abundant. You can read or view positive stories of successful, inspirational people. You can go into nature to see the beauty and wonder of it. There is a surprisingly many ways an individual can seed their brain with positive things. Like your body feed your mind the right food and it will be naturally positive.

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