Change begins in the home and the community

Change is bottom up rather than from the ruler.

Everyone in Colchester ideally should be responsible stewards of this river as well as its plants and animals.

Everyone in Colchester ideally should be responsible stewards of this river as well as its plants and animals.

Too many people expect that change will come from the decision maker at the top over environmental issues, but as can be seen little progress has been made.  Most people are looking in the wrong direction for the change when it begins with self and the community.  The decision maker has a self-interest to maintain the status quo, but also are under the control of powerful and wealthy influences who have no interest in the welfare of you, your community or the environment.  Ironically if the decision maker wanted to make a difference in the environment they could only do so if you agreed to assist them, in fact they have limited ability to make changes, the change is with self and the community.

Each ruler, corporate or group exists because they are supported by individuals, if they had no support they would go extinct.  The individual stakeholder has great influence by withdrawing their support from those that harm people and nature, and giving support to those that are beneficial.

As an individual you can make dozens of immediate changes in your life and home that benefits the environment and your community.  You can buy local, recycle, provide food and nesting sites for animals in your garden.  You can eat healthy, eliminate the television, show a positive example of change to others in all you do and say.  There is so much as an individual you can do, multiplied by millions of people to create a tsunami of change, the sum of all the small changes in self, life and home.

As an individual you also have a direct influence over any environmental assets in your community, the rivers, forests and parks, plus all the animals and plants that inhabit them.  In your community you are a steward of all your local environmental assets.  Do you know where your environmental assets are? Have you visited them? Are they under threat? Can you enhance them as part of a group? Knowledge of your community environmental assets is vital, and working as a group to make sure no outsider does harm to your rivers, forests and parks is where you can make a significant difference.  It won’t be the ruler, it will be the communities who make the difference to the environment by looking after their own environmental assets just as they are doing in Namibia.


12 responses to “Change begins in the home and the community

  1. Very well said. People have become too complacent, reluctant to even think that they themselves can make a change.


  2. [ Smiles ] Another lovely article, Alex.

    Yes, change begins with each and everyone of us. For example: some people complain about people not having any consideration for our environment, but when those same people go outdoors, they litter the environment. If those same set of people wanted to make a difference, they would have reverence for Mother Nature and place they refuse in bags and carry it back home with them instead of leaving those items strewn all over the river bands and the floors of forested areas.

  3. As a bit of a “greeny” as they call us.. we do what ever we can to support the environment.. I even have a book out here for just such an encouragement for golf courses… and this very day on linkedin I read a report of USA courses and there commitment to the environment is I’m afraid, pitifully bad, as it is here by us… there seems to be so little commitment in places that could influence the general public .. such a pity…

    • Hopefully there will be a global awakening when everyone starts thinking local and start to commit to caring for the environmental assets in their community. Golf courses could be great havens for wildlife and plants.

  4. Growing up in an area that had great water resources but still conserved and took care of the area around them I was so dismayed when moving to a desert region to see how they wasted water and other resources when none of what they were using was from their area. They had no concern and I was so lost I came home. I just didn’t fit in where I couldn’t find anyone who cared to think about their wasteful practices and what it meant for the area should the water being delivered be shut off.

  5. Beautiful picture,You live in a lovely city.

  6. The only person we can possibly change is Self!…. and once we understand its our responsibility to change our ways of being and living we then change our communities and society then changes.. We then change the world.. I have long been saying the same Alex…

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