Three rules dealing with living things

Three rules of living in harmony with self, people and nature.

Bee and flower is in harmony.

Bee and flower is in harmony.

The individual ideal is to live in harmony with self, people and nature for which I identify three rules.  When I refer to living things I mean self, people, plants and animals. The three rules are as follows:

1. Treat living things as you expect to be treated.

You may be tempted to kill an insect that you see, do you wish to be killed? Respect the life of the insect. You see a cat sleeping across a path, do you wish to be disturbed in your sleep? Avoid the cat to allow its enjoyment to sleep. You are tempted to hit a child for being naughty, do you like to be hit? Give no violence to the child. You are kind to other people, then you should be kind to yourself.  Think of the world as a mirror of you, what you do to self you do to the world, what you do to the world you do to self.

2. Do what you like as longs as the liberties of living things are never infringed.

Everything you do has an impact on other living things, some actions can interfere with their liberty to enjoy their nature. If you play loud music, or have an argument, or smoke will these actions impact someone else or animal negatively? Does your action or words take away the choice of a living thing to act according to its nature?  The liberty of choice is yours to do anything you want, believe anything you want, be anything you want, but the condition is that this will have no negative impact on another living thing.

3. Trade a benefit with living things so you and they are always a winner.

In trade two people bring a benefit to a table in which both leave the table a winner.  This principle works in your relationship with self, others, plants and animals.  It is no point entering a relationship with another person if you have no benefit to trade with, or either side leaves the table a loser, that is a parasitic relationship, the type to avoid.  Trades are transferable, so if someone did a kindness to you which you were unable to return, transfer that kindness by being kind to another person.  If you ate an apple, the trade is the expectation of the apple tree that you will plant its seeds in the ground.  If you ate a living animal, what do you offer that animal in return for its life?  If you ate honey, what do you give to the bees in return? Trade kindness with kindness.  When I took photos of swans I fed them brown wholemeal bread in return for their photographs.  Every relationship you have must be one with a benefit to both you and the other living thing, otherwise it is parasitic, one to be avoided.


16 responses to “Three rules dealing with living things

  1. I go along with your three rules… it will make for a better world…

  2. While thoroughly endorsing the core messages offered, I think that swatting a fly or mosquito is entirely natural. Clearly insects are a vital part of the natural system but then so is protecting oneself, and one’s offspring, from disease.

    Just my two-pennysworth.

  3. Nice goals Alex.Just I’m not saintly enough to succeed.

  4. Alex, you are very wise! I demand ALL listen to you! Of course, I just broke a liberty rule didn’t I??

  5. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Having only recently discovered Alex’s blog, I am happily astonished to find his post today echoing some of the principles by which I have always attempted to live my life.
    I had always thought these things to be natural, instinctual even, and was dismayed to find most people where I live do not even consider them.

    Of course, all rules must bend at times in the balance of living-you cannot let cockroaches overrun your family’s food supplies for instance as this can result in illness, or starvation. But overall keeping the balance and your own place and part in Nature is essential, imho.
    Every living thing on Earth is part of the balance, part of the larger systems in which we live and are completely embedded and part of. Our choice to play a functional part of the system, or as humanity has been doing for some time, a non-functional part, is often crucial to the survival of the system overall, as we now see.

    • Hi Ohnwentsya, thanks for reblogging. You make a good point about making allowances to defend the health of family and self against disease. You and I are a minority when it comes to following these rules, the majority have yet to awaken to these principles.

  6. Respecting Life in all its forms……… and living in balance with nature…. and oneself… We have lost not only our respect for others but many have lost respect in themselves… We each of us need to find our inner-selves and start living within the Universal rules……. Another insightful post Alex

  7. So many people dismiss this sort of philosophy but I agree with it whole heartedly. After it rains I look where I step to avoid snails and slugs. When I take from nature I give back. The world would be transformed if everyone lived like this.

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