Be independent, start a business

Everyone has a skill or idea that they could turn into a business opportunity.

Be liberated, start a business.

Be liberated, start a business.

Liberty, creativity and wisdom are three values I promote often in this blog, which I feel contribute significantly to the prosperity of the individual, society and the environment.  One of the best ways to let these three values run wild and free in the life of the individual is to be self-employed, starting your own business.

I notice that the costs of the study of a MBA (Master of Business Administration) can range from $30K (£20K) to $120K (£90K)  depending upon the institution, this including tuition fees and accommodation for a 12+ month course.  If such people are willing to sacrifice so much money and time to study what is only theory (knowledge) for business, would they be better off avoiding the study and starting a business with that money and time? In running a business one gets the wisdom through the experiential doing, which theory or books can never match.  Getting your hands dirty through the dong is the best way to proceed in business, the MBA is a waste of resources in my opinion.

Everyone has a talent or idea, often all they lack is the investment, which is a great shame since nations are built on the back of such people.  I know a craftsman who is talented at creating bespoke jewellery, rather than put money in someone else’s pocket he is self-employed so that his talent puts money in his own pocket. People can even run a business on a small-scale against regular employment, just to learn the ropes until they are confident to go it alone.

As well as direct wisdom through the doing, there is great liberty to making your own decisions with no master but customers directing your activities.  There are no upper limits to what can be earned, unlike regular employment which sets a limit via salary.  The money earned after expenses and tax is yours to do with what you like.  With money you have influence to create greater ripples of change into the world through your activities.

Running a business is a creative process.  Believe me when I say that every day new challenges and opportunities hit me as I run my business, requiring me to apply creative techniques to seize or overcome them.

Everyone can even in small part initiate additional income streams by using their skills and ideas to make money, even if it is only to open a trading account on eBay to sell excess junk they have in the home.  The more self-reliant and independent you are the greater is your personal prosperity.  Give it a go.


12 responses to “Be independent, start a business

  1. Not sure about recommending MBA’s. apparently they are losing favour, with more people doing accounting or economics. Also, The only famous person – I think – to have one is George W Bush. Not a great recommendation.

  2. Oh, this post of yours stirs so many memories. Because, way back in 1978 I started a business in Colchester. Initially in a tiny shop in Church Walk, if I recall correctly. Then as the business expanded we moved to Portreeves House on the corner of East Street. Finally ending up on two floors over at the Cowdray Centre.

    In later years I was a keen volunteer for The Prince’s Youth Business Trust, now under the umbrella of The Prince’s Trust (assuming I’m not too out-of-date!).

    What was clear from my time with the PYBT was that teaching young persons the principles of running one’s own business offered many benefits. Those benefits applied to these young persons even if they didn’t actually go on to start a business. And we are talking about young persons, of both genders, who for many reasons had been rejected by society.

    Agree with Barb re the value of an MBA. To be frank, I think having an MBA would be of no benefit to a budding entrepreneur.

    The overriding value of being an entrepreneur is that one has to have belief in oneself! You have to have the mindset that despite whatever is going on in your world, at all scales, what happens to you is a direct result of what you choose to do! Fundamentally, you know you can make a difference!

    That entrepreneurial approach is, of course, more needed now than ever before. Because there is so much about our present challenging (parlous?) times that could overwhelm us. If this really is the end of humanity through the self-destruction of the earth’s habitat then it will be because each and every person on this planet in the year of 2013, i.e. NOW, chose not to be in control of their own destiny.

    Sorry, got carried away! Will crawl back into my hole!

    • It is great to hear of your Colchester background and business experience Paul. I will be visiting businesses in Church Walk in Colchester today.

      At school I participated in a Young Enterprise scheme business where we created printed t-shirts for a year, this was my first experience of business. I believe teaching business skills in schools is important.

      The jeweller I mentioned in the blog post came through the Prince’s Trust, one of their success stories who appeared on television.

      I agree with both you and Barb about MBA’s. The best way to learn about business is to run a business.

      There are so many obstacles and negativity against those who wish to be self-employed so your observation about self belief is critical to success.

      Those in business can create large ripples of change through their activity which can be a great benefit to society and the environment.

      • Thanks Alex. Wish I could remember the address in Church Walk but too many years ago now. It was 3 or 4 doors down on the left-hand side. Had been a barber’s shop before we came along, if I recall correctly.

      • Church Walk has attracted independent traders who feed off the trade using the Arts Centre and the Mercury Theatre. There is at least one barbers there and a few tea rooms.

  3. This post is so accurate, I too had to be creative in being a single mother and later a single mother who wanted to home school. I found opportunities to make enough to support my children and be home with them at the same time. I think it’s even more important today to find ways to at least supplement your income if not be self employed and if you can create something needed and useful you will do fine. There is a huge movement to local shopping and support for the small home business than ever before.

    • For the creative person there are so many opportunities to gain a source of income. Sometimes circumstances forces people to adapt to become entrepreneurial. I think you are right that adaptation and looking for opportunities is important now for nothing is certain in the world economic climate.

  4. I would love to have the courage to start my own business – something to do with aromatherapy, bees and art!

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