Remembering the stakeholder

You are the stakeholder, you are important.

I am looking to add to the reader experience of this blog.

Looking to add to the reader experience of this blog.

Google recently declared they would be closing Google Reader for reading RSS feeds this July which caused uproar amongst its users.  Facebook in searching for extra profit increasingly makes the user experience less enjoyable with each change.  Google and Facebook share in common their amnesia that it is you their customer which pays their bills.  I am sure that if there was a worthy alternative to Google and Facebook their users would join that rival.

Customers of a business or followers of a blog I refer to as stakeholders, a term used in sustainability.  To be a stakeholder of a something you must participate in it, benefit from it and have a say in it.  The business or blog that fails to remember the stakeholder is in the grip of hubris, they are blinded that they are more important than the needs of the stakeholder, pride before the fall, they will fall when their stakeholders abandon them.

This Liberated Way blog today crossed the 600 follower mark.  I thank you all for your many comments, likes and follows. I am glad that so many find this blog useful.  Unlike Google or Facebook I place the stakeholder centre stage, I have one eye on the purpose of this blog, but the other eye on the needs of the followers of this blog.  I am looking at improving the reader experience of this blog, asking questions on how you the reader benefit from, can participate in and have a say in this blog.  Expect a few changes in the coming months as I attempt to answer those questions.


14 responses to “Remembering the stakeholder

  1. As some wise soul put it one day: “we are not Google’s customers. We are their product.” Google sells us (their product) to advertisers, which are their real customer. From time to time they feel the need to remind us of that, I guess. Which completely pisses me off. I still can’t believe they’re getting rid of the Reader…

    • It is a strange relationship when you think about it being the product rather than as a customer. I use stakeholder to capture the essence that you are a living entity who deserves more than to be treated as a consumer product.

  2. The problem with Facebook, Google, Twitter and many other free Internet services are that the general public using their sites are not paying their bills at all. Their real customers, the ones who keep the money coming in, are the advertisers. Although we get to use the services for free, the price we pay is that our information is being sold on to others.

    • Every relationship is a trade, we trade content for a service of hosting that content, the host uses the content to trade with marketing people for money. Everyone in the relationship is a stakeholder: they benefit from it, they participate in it, they have a say in it. If say Facebook fails to offer you a benefit of stress-free hosting for your content you as stakeholder if offered the opportunity would take your trade (your content) to another host. Nothing is free in that your payment is as you suggest your personal information.

    • Emily, somewhere from the depths of my aged brain comes the recollection of a recent phrase “Free is the new price.”

      It’s a good reminder that we pay for many things in more ways than money.

  3. I got off of Facebook months ago and it has been a relief. It took me forever to make the decision, and I still miss out on a few events and such, but it’s worth it. I was tired of logging into what was basically personalized adverts with a touch of Facebook drama between people I barely know.

  4. I consciously have as little to do with Google and Microsoft as possible; unhappily sometimes there is no alternative, but when there is, I use it. Why do you think I am now on WP and not Blogspot and tried Linux (unsuccessfully, I am not geek enough), although Blogspot is by far the better platform. I despise being a product.


  5. [ Smiles ] Alex, could your remember the blog I wrote about what people’s reaction would have been like if Google bought WordPress? Anyway, that hasn’t happened and I don’t think that it would come into fruition.

    Google is the “Heavy Roller” on the internet and they have been buying up a lot of things; in the past, they purchased YouTube, Blogger, and the rights for Android. What they are unable to buy (which is due to the person or group of people refusing to sell their enterprise to them), they will see to it that they can get themselves involved in someway; Google has done just that by negotiating with WordPress to have their Google Reader for reading RSS feeds as part of the program. I suspected that they would one day stick their noses into the affairs of WordPress and as you can see, they have succeeded.

  6. Congratulations on reaching 600 followers. I am one of those people who use as little of the available stuff out there. I only in the last year started a facebook account to keep up with the little things in my grand-daughters life as she doesn’t live near me, but keep my friends to less than 5. I don’t use Twitter or Google reader and don’t plan to use them so fortunately I am not directly affected by the current changes, but I sure won’t be happy when they start buying up the few things I do use.

    • Fortunately there will always be little things out there created by people for the love of it which can be as good or even superior to that of the larger players like Google.

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