If life throws you lemons make lemonade

Find the positive in negative situations. 

Children have been turning these Castle Park slopes into winter fun for hundreds of years.

Children have been turning these Colchester Castle Park slopes into winter fun for hundreds of years.

New day, leaping out of bed, throwing open the curtains – snow.

My first word of the new weekend was a rude word.  Lets think positive over this I thought,  snow means opportunity for great photographs contrasting spring against winter.  Childish enthusiasm sets in as I wait for the snow fall to subside, then it is off on the hunt for great photographs.

There is a saying that if lemons are thrown at you by life, use the lemons to make lemonade.  Hunt for the positive in the negative.

For your information the ongoing winter across the north of the world is thanks to the Jet Stream being trapped, so high and low pressure systems are stuck in place, meaning extremes of snow, flood and drought.  Since the paralysis of the Jet Stream looks to be an ongoing long-term pattern, the positive to some is the opportunity to run a business to provide products and services for people hit by snow, drought and flood in their community or beyond.


13 responses to “If life throws you lemons make lemonade

  1. Going easter egg hunting today. Supposed to get up to 48, so a bit chilly. Could be worse, could be 84 right..I’d rather be chilly than sweaty,you can always put more clothes on.

  2. The title is so catchy, Alex! And timing for snow is a bit out of order (I know, March is supposed to bring spring on the frontier) but at the end of the day, it is fun! I complain and brag a lot and my british friends console me by saying, “Summer is just around the corner, you will see it SOOOOON, Naima” and so I will help you with this line too lol
    I liked the post so much!! =)

  3. I do remember Easter in April in snow, when I was a child, so here we are again! did you know hwy it is snowing?this is the not scientific reason…….because the Easter bunny went into administration and Santa bought him out…..
    As you said we still need to find something positive about it and the world is fine for us. Enjoying a cosy evening with candlelight and a hot drink, snuggled up in a warm blanket sounds good to me, something to look forward to and to make me smile!

  4. Alex, I am a little tired of the snow as well and can just imagine what your first word was. I think we might as well give up predicting weather as I think we are in for a roller coaster ride over the next few years. Just have to learn to accept what we find and try to stay positive.

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