Be energy efficient like nature

Waste nothing and concentrate only on what matters.

Bees are energy efficient.

Bees are energy efficient.

The wildlife photography blog called Wilden Marsh is a treasure house of photographs of a dedicated wildlife photographer who records the life and events in his local nature reserve, he wrote of a fox:

“The red dog doesn’t see me and wanders slowly ahead. The fox is a smart animal; he doesn’t run unless there is value in it, like a meal, or he is fleeing from something. Walking slowly is energy-efficient and quiet. He likes to take his time, sniff the air, and listen to the sounds around him. Survival on the marsh is something he has down to a fine art, and he doesn’t take kindly to competition: he can’t afford competition.”

The purpose of all living things is to live, grow and create (reproduce), which requires energy.  All living things have defensive strategies to conserve energy and offensive strategies to capture energy.  Everything moves according to the principle of least resistance, the route that costs the least amount of energy to achieve a goal. The described fox is the active expression of the principle of least resistance.

Self knowledge will identify to you what your important goals are in life, thus you have the focus upon where your energy should be best focussed.  You then identify the most efficient pathway to those goals, wasting nothing on distractions.  All nature is energy efficient, so can you be.


6 responses to “Be energy efficient like nature

  1. I conserve my energy… I only move when I need coffee. 🙂

    Too many people do unnecessary things, they would be wise to take a leaf out of nature’s book and only do that that is necessary.


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