Beware what you publish

What is published can rarely be taken back.

What you unleash on the internet you won't be able to take back.

What you unleash on the internet you won’t be able to take back.

WordPress has a wonderful option called scheduler which allows you to schedule blog posts in advance to publish at a time and date as you require, so I could go on holiday for a week and leave seven posts in schedule to publish each day I am away without being present.

Scheduler has the advantage of allowing you time to think, a review period in which you can decide if it should be allowed to be published.  Once you publish, you are damned.  When I hit the publish button 690 people at the time of writing will get the post in their e-mail, and some of those may forward the post to others.  Sometimes when I publish, the embarrassing spelling error reveals itself like an ugly spot on the nose, the moment I make a cup of tea to calm my frustration.

Better to write something and let it stew a while before publishing, for sometimes what is published can cause problems if it is controversial, or in some manner is a poor post.  The day I wrote this blog post was after two insightful events. Firstly, I was distracted by a phone call, I hit publish of a post I was supposed to schedule for the next day, a cup of tea moment.  The second event was a blog post I trashed because it failed to meet my publishing standards, I am glad it will never see the light of day.

Enjoy your internet publishing experience, but beware that anything you publish on the internet will likely never be erasable, and it will stay to impact you and others for the rest of your life.


18 responses to “Beware what you publish

  1. Every time I push the “publish” button I instantly regret it. Now I will panic before. Oh well.

  2. I know I have grammar faults that creep through as well as spell errors… and to be honest that is just part of me.. my fingers are sometimes far too slow for the brain… but I’ve found all my followers are forgiving of these errors and no one has ever tried to correct me… and that is what I love about blogging…

  3. I never read the fine print. 😦

  4. [ Smiles ] Your points are valid, Alex.

    A good thing to do would be to slowly read over your articles about 6 times; that should help alleviate publishing woes.

  5. I always hit preview and read over my posts before publishing, a few days ago distracted I accidentally hit publish instead of preview. Thankfully the post was ready but I hadn’t intended to publish it that early.

  6. Or you can save the post in draft. I sometimes write at home, then cut and paste into the post at the library, so gives me time to let the dust settle.

  7. I’ve learned this one the hard way, too… accidentally hitting “publish” instead of “preview” more than once. Now the first thing I do when writing a new post is set the publish date (a day or two in the future). Then, if I accidentally hit “publish”, I haven’t actually sent it out to everyone yet. I usually write my posts a day or two in advance, so this is a great feature for me.

  8. Great advice! I use Windows Live Writer and it can be saved in draft or pre-dated .. I like using this as you can use more fonts and its more flexible I find.

    • Thanks for the information, it is something to consider as I tend to write directly in WordPress.

      • You can upload your present theme too in WIndows Live Writer too Alex and you have an Edit page and a preview page so you can see exactly how it will look on your blog before its published. You can upload videos direct from your Youtube saved favourites channel and pictures straight from your PC or other media and it does all the hyper-links too…
        I find WP quiet hard to navigate and only used it with my snow pictures as I thought I could put a slide show up there, but that facility seems to have disappeared – unless you know where to find it.. as Ive used in the past to upload a slide show as you will see on my about me page. But for the life of me I can not find it again! LOL

      • I have never used the slideshow feature, if of course it still exists. Windows Live does look like an easier tool to use.

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