My relationship with social media

Use social media intelligently rather than be its slave. 


Use social media intelligently rather than be a slave to them.

Yesterday I congratulated two bloggers who declared to the world they had quit Facebook by deleting their accounts.  Today I had to advise an individual I had no LinkedIn account.  I have no Facebook account. I attempt to keep Google and Yahoo at arms length.  With caution I am on Twitter, I am also playing with the idea of accounts with Pinterest and Tumbler.

I am wary of social media because they abuse and misuse personal information, in fact for many of them they have in their terms and conditions a requirement that if I use their services they can use and misuse my personal information and intellectual content that I give to them for their gain with no compensation to me.  My personal information and content is my payment to them for using their services, which they will violate as much as they like.

There are of course positives as well as negatives of using various forms of social media, and it is down to the individual how such tools fit into their lives.  For me my personal information and intellectual property is sacred, and I get upset when it gets violated by faceless corporates.  I can live a life successfully without such social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, there are alternatives to keeping in contact with those that matter rather than the junk one can accumulate from using such social sites.


23 responses to “My relationship with social media

  1. I don’t know Alex… linkedin is good for business and for making contact with other like people through out the world.. I have partaken in many technical discussions on Green Keeping in that community… I find linkedin slightly different to the face books etc…

    • Thanks for your feedback on Linkedin Bulldog. Each social networking site is a tool with its own unique advantages and disadvantages to each individual. I will never touch Linkedin.

  2. I was the person referred to with regard to Linked In. Must say that Alex makes a very valid point.

    However, I suspect (but have no evidence) that our emails are ‘read’ and we volunteer much about ourselves through blogging!

    • I suspect that all communications are monitored by the powers that be. I have given lots of personal information away though the medium of Liberated Way blog, the good thing is that it is fragmented meaning someone or something would have to make a great effort to piece it altogether whilst removing the material around the fragments.

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  4. Alex, I see them as a tool. I try and use them carefully, so I can still do the other stuff I want to do.

  5. Alex, you make some great points here, I have had people ask me to include links to these social media sites on my blog and have, but I don’t have accounts on any except a personal facebook page to see pictures of my grand daughter who lives away from me. I never thought too much about the privacy issues, I just never got the bug to be involved with them.

  6. I understand the concerns you express so eloquently. We ate all supposedly responsible individuals here. I have always viewed the internet and social media as the 21st century equivalent of ham radio. It is people reaching out and establishing bonds with each other. Some turn out to be meaningful, and others not so much. It is the action that we take that makes it interesting to me.

    • Thats a good observation Dreamer9177, it is how we use such tools, or the impact of those tools on us which determines if they are a good or bad influence on our lives.

  7. Years ago I jumped on every bandwagon, but I have divested myself from all and now use Twitter sparingly. The rest I class as ‘A total Waste of time’.


  8. What I found out from fb is that one cannot delete a Facebook account. It is never deleted — Only ‘deactivated’. All info stays in tact — even the things you thought you deleted when you were active with the account.

  9. I agree with many of your points here Alex.. Glad to say I never joined FB…

  10. Alex–may I reblog this? I have tried to explain why I deleted my facebook to friends, and they don’t understand why I think that the “benefits” outweigh the drawbacks. I don’t even see much of a benefit anymore.

    • Sure, I am happy for you to reblog this post.

      Peer pressure is what Facebook counts on to entrap people into their social network.

      • Thanks! You are too right. Almost everyone I know has an account, and the few that don’t (including myself) are pressured to join or rejoin often.

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