New design for a new era

Smartphones and tablets will transform the internet.

Smartphones marks a paradigm shift in how people will relate with the internet.

Smartphones marks a paradigm shift in how people will relate with the internet.

The transformation of a well designed community website I visit to cope with smartphones and tablets hit home to me the coming revolution that these new gadgets will have on the internet.  In 2012 about 20% of US internet traffic was said to be via smartphone or tablet, a percentage that is going to rise rapidly over time.

I have updated the WordPress theme of Liberated Way to make it easier I hope for smartphones that visit this blog to navigate around it.  I welcome feedback on this theme, if this is proving positive for the reader.

Designing for smartphones and tablets is challenging when it comes to websites, there are no standards set for meeting the needs of these type of user, so it is experimental in a constantly changing environment as new types of internet-connected gadgets hit the market.

Lots of websites will be redundant in the new revolution of the smartphone, and whilst the big internet players like Google are already adapting to the new challenges most website owners are confused even ignorant that their websites won’t meet the needs of a rapidly changing type of user technology.

The rules of website design for a smartphone is different to that for a desktop, most people won’t know how to make the changes, and it is a huge cost to have multiple websites for different internet gadgets.  Smartphones have small screens, slow upload and their own way of displaying internet content, which will be a headache for any website designer.  The way forward it appears is back to basics combining creativity with simplicity and minimalism to meet a new type of internet reality.


13 responses to “New design for a new era

  1. I’m reading this on a smart phone and it looks good! Hopefully there should be no need for companies to start having multiple websites for different devices. Instead they can use multiple CSS stylesheets – the server should be able to detect the device the person is accessing the website through, and then run the appropriate stylesheet commands. That’s my understanding of a way to do it anyway – correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Hi Emily, thanks for the feedback, I am glad this new theme works for smartphones. I think you are right that the method of multiple CSS stylesheets is the best method for catering for different internet devices.

  2. Looks great Alex. Smart move.

  3. I like the new look, Alex. I am just getting the hang of what I can do on a blog and haven’t considered until this moment how a webpage needs to look for a smart phone.

  4. In the early days of yore, I learned HTML and could make nice web pages, then came JavaScript which made nicer web pages, and I thought bugger that, not learning to do that all again. Although my HTML stood me in good stead for messing around with my Blogspot templates, now I am with stupid WordPress that won’t let me access the templates, it’s all gone again. Reading your post, I was worried, OH dear God, not again! But this time the CSS is WP’s problem, not mine. *Sit back and relax*


  5. Wow Alex I thought I had come to the wrong blog lol as I’ve been away so long!

    Love the New Theme, its soft on the eye and easy to navigate…. I often access my site and others via my Blackberry phone the text is small and its a painful process at times,.. and often it freezes up part way through a comment Im making or if I make one it fails to register..

    Hope you had a great Easter! 🙂 ~Sue

    • Easter was good, Sue. Welcome back!

      Thanks for this encouraging feedback. I am glad you like this new theme, it is a major change on the previous one. I am glad this is soft on the eye and easier to navigate.

      Badly designed websites can lead to a stressful internet experience for the smartphone or tablet user. Let me know if you ever have any problems with this blog.

  6. Or maybe mobiles will have faster internet speed in the future,In India 64 kpbs has given way to 3G and 4G is on its way.
    BTW I love the new look of your blog.

    • Yes, those speeds will come though websites have to be designed for all needs, including the slow connections.

      Thanks for your comment about my new blog theme, appreciated.

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