You are what you think and do

Anything you read, watch or experience you become.

Carrying your little brother

Think of your brain as like a child you carry on your back, what you think and do your brain becomes.

Apart from some pre-determined input from your DNA you come into this world with a mind that is a near empty bucket.  By default this bucket is filled with your experiences from within the womb since you will be aware of inputs such as sound and motion before even you are born.

Unfortunately before the age of 18 you have a diminishing percentage of control the younger you are over the hand you are dealt with of your inputs from your environment.  You become whatever those inputs are, so if you were badly treated as a child the chances are if this pattern is allowed to continue, you will be treating your own children badly as an adult.

From the age of 18 you are the master of your own destiny.  No longer can you place at the door of those around you the responsibility for what you will become in the future from the age you turn 18.  You are responsible for changing the patterns in your brain, of trading the hand you were dealt with for better cards.

You are this moment the sum of all the experiences of your life, these are like a pair of hands that have shaped the clay of your mind into certain patterns via how your brain cells have been linked up.  These brain cells are like clay, they can be changed into anything you please, though the deeper the pattern the longer and the harder it shall be to mould a new pattern.  Nothing is fixed in your brain, all is flexible to change, though age is a factor in how fast the changes shall be if you change a pattern.

People who are lazy, stupid and needy hand their brains to others to mould for them.  Everything you do and think become the hands that mould your brain cells into new patterns into what you will become in the future.  If you decide to allow yourself to be brainwashed by television or other toxic inputs then you have yourself to blame for the person you will become as a result of those inputs.

You are a clay master of your own brain, you can be anything you choose to be if you actively mould your brain in the right way.  The responsibility is down to you to think and do to become what you shall be in the future.


20 responses to “You are what you think and do

  1. [ Smiles ] I agree with everything you wrote, Alex.

    By the way, I am loving your new theme; it is an excellent choice and I LOVE the look of it!

  2. very useful to me today ! thanks !

  3. This is another great post, Alex. I was abused as a child, and when I was about to become a parent myself there was great concern from extended family members that I would repeat the pattern of abuse with my own children. But I was able to escape the situation by age 14 and met many people who showed me another way of life. As a result I was determined my children would never see any thing like I did in their lives. Yes, we are responsible for our actions after reaching maturity, but I do believe that all can stop and decide to change for the better if they want to.

    • It is a sad fact that a cycle of abuse will repeat down the generations, and I would be unsurprised that there are cycles going on that have been happening 1000+ years in some families. The cycle can be broken as it is only a pattern. I am glad you were able to break the pattern before it hit others.

      • Thanks, Alex. Yes it takes a lot of work to break a pattern of behavior in families but the effects of not doing so like you said continue on for generations.

  4. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I have known so many who blamed their bad attitudes and actions on what happened in childhood, or “the culture” etc but I very much agree with Alex that we have choices and if we make the effort to improve it will happen. It may not be easy or fast, but it can be done. And most importantly it is SO worth doing as each of us creates ripple effects out from our actions each day thru many other people and ecosystems, so our efforts to improve ourselves and our behaviour then create ripples of good, of kindness, healing, love and happiness instead of hurt feelings, or harm.
    Thanks again to Alex for making this post so clear and understandable to all.
    We are capable of so much, but until we believe it and make that first step toward change, it means little. Messages like this, that can be widely shared and reach those who could benefit are priceless!

    • Thanks for your comment and reblogging Ohnwentsya. Patterns can be broken with effort and will. The choice after age 18 is ours to make to change what we will become. The choice if taken away, or given away, means we lose the key to making changes that benefit ourselves, stopping positive ripples from emanating out from self to benefit the world.

  5. As Gary Oldman said in an Orange mobile phone advert some years ago:
    ‘You are every one-to-one you’ve ever had ‘ .
    Also I sometimes wonder if we are only human in out minds because we are exposed to common human behaviour through our parents and peers… think of the occasional story we hear of feral children being raised by animals…

  6. The following quote I saw in Ghandi’s house in Mumbai immediately came to my mind while reading your post: “My life is my message.” Or as you put it: “We are what we think and do.”

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