A global leaky bucket

Global weather extremes will force people to hard choices.

Nature will have the last word in the debate over sustainability.

Nature will have the last word in the debate over sustainability.

I write this in despair, it is snowing again here in Colchester UK.  I admit envy for those of you who live in California or Hong Kong area, I see your photographs where the seasons always seem to be warm and sunny.  The northern Jet Stream refuses to move, Greenland enjoys growing strawberries as the lambs die in the fields of Britain from the winter that refuses to let go.

The extremes of weather are noted in the South of the world as well as the North.  Argentina has had the worst floods in decades last week.  The cause is that the systems such as the Jet Stream are paralysed in one place, thus everyone suffers flood, drought or winter in excess.  Nobody is sure why this paralysis is going on with systems like the Jet Stream, some say it is climate change, the point is that we are experiencing this, and it appears to be more than a temporary issue.

My opinion is that these weather extremes are here to stay for the long duration.  One is then left with a harsh reality of does one seek to control the weather or adapt to the weather? How does one control the weather, a chaotic energy system where even a small change can have great consequences? Perhaps adaptation is the better option, but does one know how huge those adaptations will have to be where drought and flood could be lasting decades?

Lets say food, water and energy are all contained in a bucket.  We take a jug and scoop out from the bucket what we need.  There is a tap that is constantly running filling the bucket with the food, water and energy.  We waste those resources so the bucket leaks.  We disrupt or destroy the renewal systems in the ecosystems so the tap is no longer running as fast as it should.  We are greedy consumers so we take more than we need from the bucket with our jug.  How will the bucket look now? Is this a sustainable future to you?

If our global weather extremes continue as they are it will be like a storm rocking the bucket spilling its contents, will our bucket future look even less sustainable? Extreme weather destroys harvests, kills animals, sends already distressed ecosystems into the abyss.  What happens when the bucket is so empty that people can no longer enjoy their lifestyle of wasteful excess, or worse that people grow cold, hungry and thirsty? Do they sit there and do nothing but die? Will they fight? Who will fight who? As the bucket contents get ever smaller, who will win in the fighting for what is left?


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  2. The cold must be pushing a lot of farmers to the brink. We will soon be paying lots more for our food. Scary.

  3. England never fails to amaze you so enjoy the unpredictability! Have a good day with or without sun, summers would be soon around the corner! =)

  4. I think the times are changing and if the people won’t voluntarily change than we will get a little incentive..

  5. At first when I began to see our seasons shift I thought back to my grandparents who used to tell me how snow was on the ground in September when they returned to school and gone by Christmas. In my youth winter began sometime after Halloween and lasted until March. We wouldn’t take a chance of believing winter storms were over until after St. Patrick’s Day. Now we have no idea, and while I would like to think we all will adapt to the changes past generations did, I don’t think this is going to be something easy to adapt to.

    Here in the US the news about the sheep in UK have been widely covered. It’s shocking and very sad. We have been promised temps in the 50s for days now and each morning it gets pushed back another day, but at least the snow is mostly gone and the temps while not what I’d like are at least above freezing for the first time in weeks. I hope the jet stream brings a little warmth your way soon.

    I like your analogy, Alex, of the bucket of water. For anyone who doesn’t think their choices matter should read that part of this post if nothing else.

  6. Alex you have hit some very relevant points here, we cannot keep going the way we are.. Our weather is changing that is not a doubt anymore.. but just why its changing as dramatically as it is, I think isn’t all down to our carbon-footprints.. If ever you want to look at some evidence of this go to my Environmental Issue page..
    The snow has all but gone here apart from some deep drifts in the fields still hanging about, but we did manage to get our Early potatoes in today ,. I think we shall be very glad of our home-grown as the farmers are already warning of grain and food shortages..

    • Britain for the first time in a decade has been importing wheat. Home-grown is a good strategy for all now that the climate is changing. I hope the decision makers catch on thus change the food growing strategies to cope for food shortages.

      • Unfortunately Alex I feel those who hold positions of power have their own heads ( In Buckets ) thinking this period will sort its self out.. I only wish that were the case.. If we do not alter our ways and start to adhere to more self-sufficient types of living then many will experience some lean times ahead.. Because our planet- weather systems are changing globally and Seeds are being altered genetically,
        All I can do is follow my own instincts .. saving seeds and growing my own… Although as times get tougher we have more things stolen from our allotments.. Such is the sad fact of putting your hard work into growing crops.. There is always those who come along to steal.. And I can only see this getting worse not better in the years to come… and I do not like saying this as I try to be optimistic and look for the good in everything.. But I am also a realist. and can see the way things are going.. And I am in a way pleased I am in my Autumn years, because those who are young and just starting their lives are going to be challenged greatly in the years to come.

      • You have wisdom to see what is coming ahead. Too many people have stuck their heads in the sand like ostriches are claimed to do, they will suffer a hard reality check.

      • Yes they will Alex, and I feel for them, I wonder sometimes what is better, to be aware or to be clueless as to the workings of our world.. They say ignorance is bliss!, But being aware is also being prepared.. Many can not envisage such drastic changes in lifestyles or our climate to such a degree it may mean its all about Survival!..
        My Blog is to promote Peace and Harmony, but at the same time I am trying to hint and point ways that people can ‘See’ other ways and especially to their own perceptions and ‘Thinking’ processes.. Which have a direct impact upon our lives.. Many can not see how Thoughts make such a difference to the world… But when we begin to understand the ‘True’ makeup of our world and see Energy in our Thoughts.. Then we have to wake up to alternative ways of Being… And understand that we are the ones who have created the Mess… Its not someone else’s fault, its our collective responsibility to alter our ways of living a more eco friendly existence and in less harmful ways to nature and society..

      • All we can do is share and set an example, ripples of change just as you are doing. Winston Churchill said “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” The few are people like you Sue.

      • Arrgh Thank you Alex…. YOU too… WE CAN make a difference! 🙂 🙂

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