Share content via a story

You can code a paradigm of beliefs and behaviours into a story.

Create a story in which to showcase your content.

Create a story in which to showcase your content.

If you sow seeds on concrete it is likely you will get no harvest from it.  If content are seeds, such as a blog posts, poetry or photography then planting them into suitable ground is vital to get anything from them.  Imagine eating your favoured meal in a smelly public toilet, hardly the same experience as the same meal in a lavish beautiful restaurant, sweet music in the background.  Great post from Mark Blasini who explains that style comes before content, much as saying you need good ground to plant your seeds in.

Lets suppose you are a plumber in a city of a thousand plumbers; what makes you different from the other plumbers? Perhaps you are a plumber with a story, what is the story? How can the customer become part of the story? The story can set one plumber apart from the others, and it can offer a doorway in which customers can participate in the story.  Everyone loves a good story, to be a part of a story.  If you are an artist amongst millions of artists then the story will be what sets you apart, the ground in which you can plant your seeds, the difference between spectacular success and plodding along.

When the artist Woodkid unleashed two music videos I was excited by what appeared to be a story that I could identify with, but his approach at keeping his storyline so elusive punctuated by an album which failed to follow through with the dramatic storyline he was creating lost my interest in him.  Being too elusive or confusing kills the story thus the interest in the content.  The Star Wars video game maker LucasArts recently closed down, their content was video games set in the Star Wars universe.  The error of LucasArts was they strayed away from the simple story of Good vs Evil of the original Star Wars movie to a confusing mess of storylines, rather like throwing tons of sand on good soil before planting the seeds.

For me the story is an example of style Mark Blasini writes about, it captures the values and demonstrates those values in motion to an audience.  The story defines what content you put out, gives the content meaning and relationship to each other in the context of the story, and acts as a call to action inviting the audience to be part of the story, to use the story in their own meaningful way.


8 responses to “Share content via a story

  1. Like any good novel, we need to be interested in the story line… if not we close the book.. Now I am off to look at your links.. 🙂

  2. Alex, this is a profound and important post. Thank you.

  3. Great links Alex thank you 🙂

  4. Not sure where I fall in this context. My writing a blog is thinking. Is thinking writing a story that folks can relate to? I’m not sure…

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