Letting go

Let go and let nature take its course.

By letting go I find more coins on the ground than by actively trying to spot them.

By letting go I find more coins on the ground than by actively trying to spot them.

It was a hard-working day today, I am tired, now I am writing this blog post to appear Sunday morning.  Being tired your creative flow is running on empty, I had to scrap a rubbish blog post.  In these times it is best to let go, find something simple, or give it a miss.

Each day I like to challenge myself to find dropped coins on the ground.  I found 34 pence today on the ground in lost coins around Colchester.  I made an interesting observation that if I concentrate on looking for coins I rarely find many, if I let go, the coins seem to appear before my eyes as if by magic.  It seems that even though my conscious mind has stopped worrying about lost coins, my subconscious mind is still looking, raising the alarm if it spots one.


17 responses to “Letting go

  1. Interesting… and a good haul… 34 pence, about Rands 5.. a third of a packet of cigarettes…

  2. Hahaha.. This is an interesting one, I have never looked for coins and they never come in front of my eyes, Strange eh? lol
    I hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Beats the 5 cents I found yesterday… 😦


  4. My grandfather used to find money and other things everywhere he went. He found a watch that needed a face that he had repaired and gifted to me, and once he found $100 bill on the same path I had just walked. It used to frustrate me so that he found what I didn’t. While I have never found a $100 bill, I did become more aware as time went on and do find small bits often.

  5. I don’t tend to find money but I’ve found a few wallets. Always a problem – where do you hand them in if there’s no police station nearby.

  6. Its a little like people who I have known who have wanted to start a family and for years and years they tried until they came to a point and gave up..
    Only to find themselves once giving up and ‘Letting Go’ they conceive and found themselves with the family they always had wanted..
    Some times if we Want to hard.. the Universe can keep giving us that also… We Want.. so we are always kept ‘Wanting’ .. once we learn to let go of that ‘Want’ the Universe is then allowed to flow naturally as those needs then manifest.. 🙂

  7. It is with the coins as with other things in life. Let go actively looking for coins, you find them.

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