Does luck exist?

I see luck as a blessing hidden inside a challenge.

So many hidden dangers, it is a wonder how people survive.

So many hidden dangers, it is a wonder how people survive.

As a child racing up a slope, I stopped at the right moment, ignorantly fortunate as the slope gave way to a drop off a cliff.  Running across grass in Slovakia, I nearly fell down a hole into their sewage system.  Foolishly walking on the outside of a crash barrier thinking coincidently about someone who had died in a car crash, a drunken driver spun towards me, time went slow, he missed me by two lengths of my arm.  This and other events, a miss by one step or two beats of a heart from tragedy, I could say I am lucky.

I being the empiricist take my truth to be one based on observation and demonstration.  I see how always I come within a step of harm but I avoid its penalty.  On the day I was to move out of rented accommodation my planned destination home fell through, looking at homelessness I applied to an advert for a flat, I by some weird coincidence ended up living as a neighbour to the person who I had given so many of my material possessions to when I was reducing my belongings for the move.  Life is happy to throw me into a stormy river but seems to be nice enough to give me a life jacket at the right moment.

I have a love-hate relationship with the concept of luck.  Being rational and scientific about luck fails to work for me.  There is a magical X factor that exists that helps me out when the going gets tough, when I am about to hit an ugly situation and it either mitigates or helps me avoid the harm altogether.  I am taunted by something that I am unable to explain, at least not scientifically.

The plane crash in Libya in 2010 remains an enigmatic case study for me on the question of luck.  Everything disintegrated apart from the tail fin of that plane, more than a hundred people died.  There was one survivor, against all the odds he should not have survived, a boy aged ten.  Luck is a strange elusive beast, a boy against all the odds surviving a plane crash that kills everyone, but unlucky that he is now an orphan, his parents and brother are dead.

I rather call luck a blessing, the gift that is hidden within a challenge.  I observe that luck manifests only after an action, when something is in motion, you need a helping hand to bridge the gap across the void to a dream, hope or goal.  I admit my unscientific action for many years of asking the elusive source of this luck to look out for me, that I can continue to cross a road without being crushed under a falling grand piano.


17 responses to “Does luck exist?

  1. Someone once tld me we attract the sort of luck we deserve. It’s an interesting notion, but it does seem that people with a more positive attitude seem to attract better luck than those who expect disasters. But maybe it’s like the notion of deja vu – we ony remember the times it works, not the manymany times that coincidences don’t happen.

  2. I love this imagery:
    “I can continue to cross a road without being crushed under a falling grand piano.”

  3. Luck, Fate, Destiny!, which of any of these can we really say exists, and yet I believe in all three. I also believe we can pull our luck or lack of it towards us, as our thoughts think positive we send out positive energy which ~like attracts like~
    I would also say we can manifest our our Destinies, we can believe in ourselves as our intent is put out there into the Comos our thoughts are projected creating our realities with our choices, we can either choose to be positive or negative and again our perceptions bring about our understanding of whether we think we are lucky or not..

    I don’t know if you have ever experience external intervention in your fate? I have… Driving to work along a narrow country lane I was very familiar with one morning, it was a Summer morning, I was not speeding just doing my normal speed around 40mph. When a Voice in my mind said ” Slow Down”, for a second I ignored it, thinking to myself I am not speeding, why do I need to slow down?.. As I continued driving further along my familiar road was a hair-pin bend, so sharp was this bend I usually had to change down a gear,.. But l was driving carefully as normal.. Again the voice said ” SLOW DOWN” this time it was as if someone was in the car shouting in my ear.. I put my foot to the break to slow slightly only to feel that the break peddle was already being depressed so as my foot hit the break to press it down,, I slowed down more dramatically almost like an emergency stop but with out quite stopping, Just at that instance I had reached the hair-pin bend just as another young male driver rounded the bend going way to fast, so fast he couldn’t stay on his side of the road, he rounded the bend on my side of the road and just pulled in on his side before my car.. Had I not heard that voice and depressed the peddle and stopped as quickly with the aid of my unseen helper!.. I would not be hear today to tell the tale.. of that I am certain…
    Was that Luck!~ Fate~ or Destiny?… I know I felt VERY LUCKY that day I can tell you Alex.. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your story Sue, I am glad you are still around to tell this. It is a strange thing luck, destiny and fate. I noted in my own life that positive mind leads to a greater harvest of positive outcomes.

      • Not only a fascinating post but one that touches on something real yet out of reach. I would amend having a positive mind to having a mind, a personality, that embraces new opportunity.

      • I think you are right about being open to opportunities, they are like doors that are opening and closing all the time. One can live an interesting life just by going through a few of those doors.

  4. Alex, ain’t that the truth! 🙂

    But, at the risk of appearing sycophantic, this was a very profound piece from you. Out of interest, what prompted the idea to write it?

  5. There are times when we realize our luck has rescued us but at times we don’t even know and it is all the destiny! A good one, Alex!
    With warm wishes,

  6. Alex, I hope you still have many more lives left after so many close calls. I have never known if I really believe in luck, or destiny, or whatever one wants to call it, but events in my life have shown me there is something at work that protects us when by all accounts we should have been harmed instead of walking away from a dangerous situation.

  7. You call it luck… maybe it’s just destiny.???

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