Death of the Iron Lady

The greatest UK politician since Winston Churchill died today.

Margaret Thatcher was a political warrior who got results. (Photo is a Colchester Statue).

Margaret Thatcher was a political warrior who got results. (Photo is a Colchester Statue.)

I write this after an announcement is made in the media, the death of Margaret Thatcher.  This lady lived in my town of Colchester back in 1949, one of several women from my town who make a great role model for what women can do if they put their minds to it.

It is likely most people have heard about Margaret Thatcher, most politicians are forgettable, this one won’t be.  The world media will be full of stories about Thatcher, she will have a funeral in the UK with military honours.  She as some say was the greatest politician since Winston Churchill. Nicknamed the Iron Lady, she destroyed the dictatorship ruling Argentina in the Falklands War, she saw the end of Communism, and contributed to a bloody political fight that ushered in a golden era of prosperity for Britain from a dark decade of discontent.

Thatcher was a person you loved or you hated, as a historian I loved her.  I loved her strength, the sort of iron that stewards who run nations these days lack.  Nations are built on people such as Thatcher, and I am saddened to see the lack of her quality metal anywhere on this globe

In Britain there will be respect and hatred for Thatcher.  Hubris blinds, in her actions many people suffered in her reign, and in hubris pride before the fall, she fell hard in the aftermath of unfair taxes and fighting over integration with Europe.  Hubris destroys, but death takes all.  However great you are, how good you are, how powerful or rich, death will cut you down in the same manner as it does to the lowest beggar.

The Iron Lady is now gone, her legacy lives on.  What will your legacy be?


12 responses to “Death of the Iron Lady

  1. “but death takes all” reminding us that it is the natural way for all living things to die. Indeed, nature is as much death as it is life.

    • Four core forces of nature: sex, death, violence and becoming.

      “Becoming” in concrete terms may be better described as being alive moment to moment, but changing by each moment. Using ideas from Aristotle a paradoxical state of being complete and working to completion, his idea of entelechy.

  2. Indeed, hubris is quite efficient in all that you say. My legacy, I can’t say. The next turn of events may be the one which remains at the forefront of people’s minds, after my death. Interesting consideration, though.

  3. I had great respect for her as a role model of what women could do if they wanted it, she held her own, and then some, in an area which was dominated by men. As for what I may be remembered for when I am gone, I hope for at least these things, that I loved deeply, that I put people before things, and that I was strong never giving in to a disability.

  4. I see Thatcher as the person who catapulted the Conservatives into power and destroyed our social infrastructure through privatisation. What we’re going through now is a hangover from her governance. Still, she possessed admirable qualities.

    Even though I’m not her greatest fan I was shocked by the parties celebrating her death.

  5. I respected her greatly, she wasnt afraid to speak her mind and stick to her principles unlike those who often rule their nations with false hope of empty promises..
    I was brought up in a time I well remember the 3 day working week due to the Electricity rationing from the miners strike.. I worked with wifes of miners whose families were split.. and yet I can honestly say, although times were tough her policies helped build a better stability for Britain and at the end of her term as PM the country was in far better shape than it is now..
    I Have no preferences what so ever in particular parties.. I Just vote on how they are going to help and create a better future for all of us as I see things at the time.. And not repeat the same mistakes over and over as in the past..
    Margaret Thatcher will go down in History as a lady to remember which ever memory our perception of her retain…
    May she rest in peace

    • Well said Sue. The emotions of so many that I have seen in recent days shows that the Iron Lady impacted many people to their core, her memory will live long into the future.

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