Removing hats

How many hats do you wear? Can you combine them?

How many hats do you wear in life?

How many hats do you wear in life?

In this modern age people wear many hats, there is the hat for work, the hat for family, the hat for religion, the hat for the sporting activity, and so on. This need to fragment self into parts seems to me schizophrenic on review, it must be a nightmare for those with lots of hats to wear.

Going with all these hats are various rules such as never mix work with pleasure, nor work with family, mixing hats is bad.  If one has a family farm I note that family and work mix well.  Since when was work supposed to be tantamount to depression? I see numerous articles and videos that suggest that play is good in all activities of life, which promotes creativity, health and motivation.

I am going to be a rebel. I am no longer playing this hats game.  I will wear one hat, one that fits all occasions.  If I go on holiday, I see I can do business as well as head off and visit historical or natural sites.  In all my life activities I see no problem with networking for business in a sport.

There will be those who suggest reasons that having a one hat-fits-all approach to life may be difficult to achieve, you will be right, it is a challenge since society has fragmented into this many-hats mentality.  Our ancestors lived simpler lives, family businesses for a start where all the family participated in, which usually combined religion and social occasions into it as well. With weeks before summer my challenge of one-hat-fits-all begins today.


14 responses to “Removing hats

  1. How many hats do I wear in life! well now let me see.. I am a Wife, a Mother, a grandmother, and Aunt, a sister, a carer, an artist, a writer, a gardener, a knitter, a medium, a friend, And each hat I wear a little differently, but it still sits upon my ONE head..

  2. I have one hat and it is a one size fits all… never had a problem with that either…

  3. The many faces under those many hats!

  4. I hear your point, but sometimes many hats are useful, as a student you have a hat that is best suited for your friends -what their interests are and what you talk about- and then for your family you discuss other topic where a different hat is necesary. Perhaps, I only wear one hat, just at different angles to adjust to your environment.. It is wearing distinctive hats that can cause problems.

    • Each individual has to find what they are comfortable with in life. The ideal in my opinion is one hat, but the next option is as few hats as possible. Thanks for your insight.

  5. I have only one hat and I wear it proudly. It’s taken me a long time to not try playing a part for each situation. If the goal is to be whole then wearing many hats is in conflict with this; thus I don’t bother changing myself for different people. I wish to be authentic and true to myself. That means unless I am meeting the Queen or going for a job interview one hat is all I need!

  6. I’ve always had issues handling all the different roles in life. Not necessarily hats persay for me. If I’m mom, I’m mom. If I’m working full time, mom is not as fun or attentive. With depression it is difficult to wear more than one hat at a time. There isn’t enough energy or the ability to change mindsets in one day. When i work full time i get depressed because i can’t efficiently do anything else. There’s nothing left after the work day for me to use to do anything else. This is why in my current situation i am trying to take control of the scheduling of my work to leave me time to recharge and have fun with my daughter while getting some exercise for myself which should help keep the depression at bay.

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