Find your niche and patron

Everyone can find a niche and a patron that allows their unique talent to shine.

Swans in Colchester Castle Park enjoy a good niche and set of patrons who look out for them. Life tends to be easier for these swans compared to their counterparts elsewhere.

Swans in Colchester Castle Park enjoy a good niche and set of patrons who look out for them. Life tends to be easier for these swans compared to their counterparts elsewhere.

Poetry was never my speciality, I am told I produce killer metaphors, but when I attempt poetry I flee a bloody crime scene.  Wordsmith I may be, but poet I am not.

I follow a few poets on WordPress, amongst them is my favourite called Lorna Smithers. Lorna is a Celtic Bard, her work wins prizes, though alas riches earned in her pursuit won’t pay the bills of modern life.  I fail to do justice to appreciating this Bard’s work for poetry requires quiet reflection and my life is a chaotic tangle of demands denying me such pleasures.  My appreciation of the work of Lorna is deepened because I share her worldview thus I can understand on a deeper level the images she conveys in her work.

In my recent blog about the The Storyteller Lorna made the observation in comments how success comes only to a lucky few. Lorna is correct that a few people strike it rich, just as the author of Harry Potter did.  In Colchester I belong to a creative hub swarming with illustrators, website designers and photographers all chasing a finite pool of potential customers.  I disagree with Lorna that success is merely luck, in truth success comes in the same way as a spider places its web, good location means more lucky catches of juicy flies. If the location is bad, the spider moves to a better location.

Lorna belongs to a rich ancient tradition of Celtic Bards.  One of the most illustrious of her Celtic ancestors was the Bard Taliesin, a historical figure richly rewarded with a place in Celtic mythology, greatest of Bards. Taliesin lived in the 6th century CE in the North of Britain. I am unable to say what the niche was that set Taliesin apart from the thousands of Bards who were his contemporaries, he is recognised then and now as one of the greatest of Celtic Bards.  Not only did Taliesin find his niche he found a powerful patron in one of the greatest Celtic leaders of the age Urien.

Finding your niche sets you apart from all others.  Finding your patron gives you the security and influence of patronage to shape your success.  Niche and patron is a good location to a spider, you catch more lucky flies.  Niche and patron establishes a name, a secure fortress of influence, prestige and market dominance.  All creative people need the niche and patron, since markets, especially today are saturated with competition. Brand and uniqueness marks out the successful from the ordinary, Harry Potter from Unknown Potter.

I share an outlook in common with the artist Leonardo da Vinci, an influence I admire.  da Vinci was unconventional introducing new styles against the traditions of his day.  Sometimes it is hard to pin down in an artist clear boundaries of what their niche is, but it is clearly visible, though intangible.  Many roads lead to Rome, but the individual road travelled is the niche that separates the traveller from others to Rome.  da Vinci observed nature and people, he then conveyed the essence of what he saw into his art, something his peers did not do. da Vinci benefited by association with some of the greatest patrons of his time, association for instance with the powerful Medici family of Florence, so famous even my spell checker recognises the name!


4 responses to “Find your niche and patron

  1. Alex, thanks for the mention. I do like the analogy of the spider and juicy flies although must add during the common economic climate the flies are sparse, withered, dying, dead or protected by elaborate defences.

  2. Poems I have to admit do come easy to me, usually in the middle of the night, often flawless, which is when I know they are inspired, I never have to correct or alter in anyway.. you can find most of the poems I posted are done this way in my poems section..

    Many people tell me I should get them published, but then they are published, lol here on WP.:-) for whom ever to share…I guess if I really wanted a book of them I would have put the effort in, just like the spider the web doesn’t spin itself..

    You are right about Luck… we do in part create it.. but the differences sometimes I feel why some are successful and some are not, is that I do believe the relevant jigsaw pieces also need to be in place…. The Universe always slots together the puzzle.. We however are often missing a vital piece which needs to slot next to our existing one.. when those are in place then we are are off… creating as more and more connect.. .. The luck lies sometimes, not in the effort of an individual to succeed,in their inventiveness, but the availabilities of all other components to make it successful… as I am sure as an astute businessman you are only too well aware. 🙂 loved the links and glad to be back catching up! 🙂

    • Hello Sue, I find poems a struggle, so you are blessed with such talent.

      You are right about everything being like a jigsaw. As you suggest we have to start fitting the jigsaw pieces together, with luck helping us somewhere after we get started.

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