Technological progress

I embrace technology slowly, it is never my master.


How would you feel co-existing in a world with AI entities in the age of singularity?

Whilst the Mediterranean world was using iron metal, my Celtic ancestors of Britain continued to use bronze, switching to iron hundreds of years later.  Like my Celtic ancestors I am slow at embracing new technological tools, and like them I am the master of this technology, never the slave.

Twitter was around five years before I embraced it.  Facebook I tried a few years after it launched but then I dumped it as a waste of time.  I missed the Blackberry craze, I still have yet to own my first smartphone.  When I move into a new technology I usually walk the well worn path of others, learning from their experience, I adopt the technology and craft it into my own unique way of doing things.  My first smartphone will probably be second hand and an old version, as the world stampedes to embrace the latest new gizmo, they cast off the old version which I buy at low cost.

It amazes me how miserable technology makes some people, how they feel enslaved, how they are spending the precious resources of their lives, the time, money and energy keeping up with technology and its demands.  It appears technology won’t bring a simpler easier or happier life, it is only tools, and it appears the tool has become the master of the user for many.

Virtual reality is decades old.  Holographic technology is exciting me, especially after I saw a dead person coming back alive to entertain the crowds.  There is the holographic animated band called Hatsune Miku which commands a following that would make some musical artists envious.  Lionhead produced an AI child called Milo which fell through, but raised interesting possibilities on how AI can interact with real people. AI has been worked on for 60 years, but still has yet to produce tangible results beyond a chess computer that can beat human chess grand masters.

Our human ancestors 30,000 years ago produced animated cave paintings such as that at Chauvet, to these ancestors the animals upon the walls were living spirits they could communicate with.  It is fast happening that the circle is being completed when with technology the computer screen will replace the cave wall, the spirits of old will be alive inside and outside the screen as AI entities in the age of singularity.  This technology I will embrace, it excites me.


6 responses to “Technological progress

  1. Hi Alex,

    This video of “the holographic animated band called Hatsune Miku” is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.

  2. If I understand the implications of singularity, and that’s a very big ‘if’, the only thought that passes through my aged mind is that machines can’t do a worse job than we humans have! (Yes, I know that’s deeply cynical!).

    Incidentally, my own relationship with modern technologies came out of Colchester. After leaving IBM in 1978 I opened up a small store in Church Street, Colcester as the 6th Commodore Computer dealer in the UK. (I was living in Tollesbury).

    Later on, as the business expanded, we moved to Portreeves House, East Bay, Colchester.

    Seems a long time ago now!

    • You have guessed right about singularity, I doubt the AI would match the destructive behaviour of humanity.

      Wow, I expect you will be shocked by how much Colchester has changed.

  3. Yep, I tend to go for the older well tested reliable technologies rather than the new fads. The holograms sound interesting, although my immediate thoughts is of Rimmer from the Red Dwarf Series rather than of tribal spirits!

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