Gain prosperity by cutting expenses

Rebel against the present economic paradigm to increase personal prosperity.

Try cutting your weekly food bill.

Try cutting your weekly food bill.

The current economic paradigm demands that the individual works long hours, to buy products produced through the exploitation of people and nature, which they don’t need, which they throw away to pollute the environment.  Makes no sense to me.

Food has recently been my target for being sustainable.  For the last week I have switched to drinking only water.  As I am so active the water is like drinking the liquid of paradise when I get dehydrated.  All my body needs is water, nothing else, and I save a fortune by now no longer needing to buy the milkshakes, milk, soft drinks and other liquid junk.

My basic staples at the moment are eggs, bread and potatoes. The bread I buy at 25% of its original price if I manage to time my visit to the food markets well, when they reduce their excess food down for quick sale at the end of the day.  Eggs I regret are caged hens, but that is how I get the price right down for 12 eggs.  I get my potatoes from a potato trader two miles away, a large sack of potatoes I drag home on foot with great difficulty.   In addition I get a healthy but low-cost form of butter for the bread and low-cost honey.  I hit the supermarkets when they make food price reductions at the end of the day, and enjoy a random selection of purchases on whatever was on offer at the time.  I believe my food bill has been slashed 75%.

My strategy is too extreme for most people, but ironically my body will be healthier for it, thus healthy body means happier person, and of course the savings means I am wealthier having cut 75% of my food bill.  The present economic paradigm hates people like me.


12 responses to “Gain prosperity by cutting expenses

  1. Alex, appreciate the highest motives behind your food choices, but are you getting sufficient vitamins and minerals from your diet?

    • I admit I don’t know. I am sure my body will eventually tell me if I am lacking something. I have been foraging too, for instance eating dandelion leaves which happens to be rich in vitamin A and some minerals.

  2. I was once told, “a man is rich, not by what he saves, but what he spends.” I have always tried to spend frugally… but being an English teacher, I’m still not rich.


    • Hi AV, the quote feels like an endorsement of the paradigm that is destroying this world. What is saved is the potential to buy what is needed, then only spend on what is needed, no more.

  3. I agree we should all cut down on our consumption no matter who we are. No more disposable dishes, less packaging. We don’t all have to be as frugal as you (although I definitely say kudos for what you are accomplishing) but there isn’t anyone, especially in “developed countries” who can’t do more than they do now.

    • My example is extreme, so I would not expect many to copy it. The poor are finding it tough in developed nations as you say, food being the cost that eats most of their earnings.

  4. I need a bit of this medicine Alex.

  5. I agree about the buying of ‘Things’ we do not really need.. The only Thing we do require is Food and Water.. Water is good, and will cleanse the system.. I do worry though reading your above diet.. I hope you are also getting some greens into you diet.. Yes dandelions are good, I wouldnt recommend you staying on these 3 food items for long periods.. 🙂

    Thought you might like to take a look at this link.. BBC Science- Healthy Eating

    Good luck with your new regime.. 🙂

  6. Hitting the food shops before closing is a really good idea.I do that both for the low prices and to avoid the worst of the sun.

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