Summer is here

Reconnect with nature.

Reconnect with nature.

Reconnect with nature.

It was a shock after a long winter to be sunburnt yesterday here in Britain.  It appears that Spring was cancelled and the UK went straight from Winter mode to Summer mode.  The butterflies and bees are out in force.  There are discarded remains of bird eggs scattered around.  The leaves are finally starting to sprout.  Blossom is showing.  The natural world is awake.

Prosperity is more than money, it’s about being happy, and what better than to reconnect with nature by going out amongst it. You only need to reconnect to one thing, self, a person or nature, to reconnect to everything, rather like turning on a light switch.  I shall be working out in the villages from Colchester soon, and I shall make the most of it to reconnect with nature at the same time.


11 responses to “Summer is here

  1. Our Best day was Saturday, I even sat on our back garden swing eating ice-cream!.. Yesterday Sunny but windy.. But it didn’t stop us from going to the allotments with my granddaughter, we did much needed watering.. 🙂
    I saw a butterfly also on Saturday… a shame though not many blossoms out for them here at the moment.. They have such a short window from when they emerge.. they need all the help they can get..

    Happiness is to me is being in Nature!.. 🙂

    • I shall make the most of nature Sue, it is so beautiful, a paradise after a long winter. The flowers, leaves and blossoms are several weeks behind schedule thanks to the previous winter. I am pleased to finally to be in the sunlight and warmth again.

  2. [ Smiles ] Nice article, Alex.

    A person should always be connected to Nature.

  3. Hello, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog very much. It has been wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun at last this week, even though it has changed again today. Colchester isn’t far from me; so I’ve been out enjoying the signs of spring in the local countryside, too. It is a beautiful time of year.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for visiting and your comment. I visited your blog and was impressed with what you are doing in your small holding. This is a dream of mine to achieve as well.

      It is great to exchange comments with someone in the Essex area. The weather means I have been out with a camera taking photographs in recent days. Today it has turned to rain, but I am happy that the cold and snow is now gone.

      I have bookmarked your blog and will probably mention it in a future blog post.

  4. We too had a sudden spike in temperature and my peas got attacked my an unusual number of caterpillars.

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