Good communication for prosperity

Good communication avoids trouble and supports prosperity.

Communicate to others your needs and boundaries.

Communicate to others your needs and boundaries.

I took a photograph yesterday of a male blackbird in full song.  The blackbird sings to inform the world of its territorial claims, which will be the basis for attracting a mate and raising young.  On the same day I saw male blackbirds fighting over territory.  By way of singing the male blackbird is communicating to all other blackbirds its existence and territory, thus it avoids considerable conflict with other blackbirds that might enter its domain.

Good communication is part of good strategy for personal prosperity.  If you are unable to communicate your needs or boundaries to others you will be ignored, your boundaries invaded.  Good communication avoids unnecessary conflict, misunderstandings and problems.  Someone was to pick up items from my home yesterday, but they arrived at my front door when I was not at home; had they rung in advance I would have been around to meet their needs rather than them waiting 40 minutes for me to return home to meet them.


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