The last daffodil

Everything has its moment, a beginning and an end.

This daffodil exists in a brief moment of becoming.

This Colchester daffodil exists in a brief moment of becoming.

Passing a ruined old church yesterday I noticed the sea of daffodils had vanished, their task of being pollinated by insects completed.  I became aware of the cycle of life, that all has a beginning and an end, that the flowers we enjoy are in a state of purposeful becoming.

Everything has its moment, and I arrived on the scene to photograph one of the few remaining daffodils that in a week will fade into history for another year.

Being happy, health and abundant, all qualities of prosperity, is a state of becoming, that exists now rather than past or future.  This becoming follows the same cycles of life as the daffodil, a beginning and an ending, a brief reign of time before renewing into a new cycle.  To attempt to control such a cycle, rather than let it be can achieve the reverse of what we want. My cycle of time at this house where I live is drawing to an end, it is being sold, as to where I will move to I have yet to decide.


11 responses to “The last daffodil

  1. Hi
    That’s so true and we often don’t realize how our life ressembles a daffodil.

  2. Is this not true of all life forms on the planet. The only difference is the time span… My time is ‘spanning’ 😦


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  4. To everything there is a season…

  5. Goodbyes are bitter sweet, but they sharpen in a moment – what you truly feel about an item, place or thing. You experience a bit of the glory in gory detail. It’s internal history making. May your goodbyes leave you blessed…

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