First day of Summer

Today marks the first day of Summer in Britain.

Today is the first day of Summer in Britain.

Today is the first day of Summer in Britain.

It is May Day today, my ancestors call Beltane, the first day of British Summer.  Although there is still a tinge of cold in the background it was a bright beautiful day today.  I am back to blogging.

The trees are now manifesting their verdant greenery, and every animal is thinking about procreation.  I can safely say that the land is wide awake and it is party time here in Britain in the realm of nature.

Here is a live link to a nest of peregrine falcons at Nottingham Trent University.  Better than watching moronic television or hanging out in Facebook, this is a live view of nature raising young.  Two chicks are hatched, a third egg is still to hatch.  The mother is currently keeping their young warm, the father is out hunting. There are two live feeds of this peregrine falcon family.  The site warns that this is unedited live footage so expect the raw aspects of nature to be on display occasionally when mice and other prey is brought in by the parents to feed their young.


12 responses to “First day of Summer

  1. Fantastic, I looked at the live video and saw the female shaking her feathers about on the nest. Happy beltane.

    • Hi Emily, this live video is something that will keep me happily visiting again and again. They also have a live video link to a bee hive at the same university. Have a great Summer!

  2. Thanks for sharing the falcons! Follows Saddleworth WI RSPB talk last night inc local Peregrine Falcons that nest at Dovestone Reservoir in Saddleworth so have shared witht hem on Twitter.

  3. (Belated) Happy Beltane. We celebrated with a mini-bonfire, in some way trying to retain ancient traditions 🙂

  4. Belated best wishes for Beltane/ May Day! I love the live peregrine link; peregrines are a favourite bird of mine and I’ll be watching these birds closely from now on.

  5. That is definitely way better than watching a television program any day of the year.

  6. For the last couple of months it’s felt the land is out of synch with the sun, particularly in the north but the wild flowers are out here now, most of the trees are in leaf. Just waiting for the hawthorns to blossom.

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