Do action for a reaction

Only through doing does prosperity come.

Doing creates magical outcomes, a becoming with unexpected results.

Doing creates magical outcomes, a becoming with unexpected results.

If life is a pool of water, doing nothing won’t create many ripples in that pool, you have to throw rocks into the water to get the ripples.  Part of the energy of the ripples you make feedback at you, so you need to be ready for reaping the harvest you created with your splash.

Through the doing is a becoming, for instance you are alive because your heart is involved in the doing of pumping blood around your body, and your lungs are pulling oxygen into your body, you are conscious because your brain cells are firing electrical impulses.  All these parts of your body are working, throwing rocks into the pool to achieve a becoming from the ripples they cause to sustain your life and consciousness.

If you are in a hole in life, the only way to get out of the hole is work, do, climb out of the hole.  Painful, anxious and challenging it may be, but you have the choice of doing or running away to the many escapism activities like watching television.

Someone started a dance class in Colchester, and paid me to promote their business.  Being new the numbers of students did not pay hall hire, so through the doing they printed flyers and I went into target outlets in Colchester asking if they would display those flyers to customers.  Every contact I made with an outlet was a doing that resulted in ripples of reaction.

Once you throw rocks into the pool, you throw a little bit of chaos out, which results in a degree of unpredictability, so you should be ready for anything.  Luck and miracles rarely happen sitting on your bottom, and they can come in unexpected ways.  A tattooist asked me to promote some of their flyers in exchange for the flyers I gave them, a reasonable trade-off; a women’s clothing boutique took me by surprise by saying they would be putting a flyer in customer bags, I should have given them more flyers; I was sceptical about a doctor’s surgery accepting the flyers, but they did and I gained a customer for the dance class.


7 responses to “Do action for a reaction

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  2. Alex, I missed your positive thoughts while I was with out a computer. Your story is very similar to the little things that are happening around me. There is the cleared field which more and more people are contributing with, as things get tighter more people are working with their neighbors more.. You only have to step outside the house or the car and put a smile on your face to be a part of the change you want to see.

  3. Alex,It was nice reading about your business,We have nothing quite like that in India.We have pamphlets of course but they are mainly stuck into newspapers or people hand them out in the streets,bazaars,railway stations etc..There are some who stick them on walls in public places.But we don’t really have businesses that cross place pamphlets in businesses.

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