Grow from challenges

Every challenge has a hidden blessing.

Metaphorically everyone will face angry bears on the road of life, these are challenges that you can grow from.

Metaphorically everyone will face angry bears on the road of life, these are challenges that you can grow from.

Life is to be lived, new experiences, new challenges that keeps old age from the door of both body and mind. Perhaps for me life has become too challenging. I feel I am in a maze with many doors, behind each door is a chocolate cookie (good experience) or an angry bear (bad experience.)

I live in a rented house, which is now sold, thus any day now I will get my two month eviction notice, which means I have to find a new home. Cancelling my telephone and internet package with Virgin Media opened two doors to two angry bears, they hammered me with cancellation charges, and then cancelled my telephone and internet connection today rather than 1st July as I instructed them. Two angry bears now face an angry Alex (me), who cancelled his direct debit with Virgin Media, and will be asking for compensation for the aggravation and costs this has caused to my business.

I am making this post through a USB stick internet connection, which is a third of the price compared to Virgin Media, but with only one gigabyte bandwidth that has got to last me the whole month. This impacts my blogging experience, so no more videos or visits to high bandwidth sites. I know there are a couple of bloggers I follow who have high bandwidth postings which means for a few months I will be unable to follow you, since I need to ration my internet bandwidth in favour of my business activity.

I conclude this post by suggesting there are lots of wisdom and personal growth available from dealing with angry bears, every challenge in life comes with a hidden blessing as a reward for overcoming the challenge.


17 responses to “Grow from challenges

  1. I meet so many angry bears some of the gifts get trampled, but I hope you’re right an that I’ve been meeting so many I simply can’t see what I’m getting all the time. Hope your transition brings alot of gold for getting through.

    • Hi godtisx, thanks for your best wishes. The gifts are there if people can see them, the problem of losing the gift in the crisis of facing angry bears has happened to me.

  2. Alex, good luck with your house search. My apartment building is also for sale. While I don’t anticipate having to move other changes could come about such as new rules or increased rent. Life is never static.

    you are the second blogger to have to cut down on blogging for various reasons this week. I am very sure you are a formidable angry bear😊

  3. Alex those Bears are just there in life to stimulate us to keep us moving forward. We all too often Bark and growl at change. And yet changes all happen for a reason. Its not until we have traveled the road we see that we needed the Bears to push us in a new direction. And when we look back over our shoulders. The bears were not so frightening after all. Its all about learning to adapt within the world. We are so lucky upon our own roads we travel. I know a few bears now and again I can cope with 🙂 compared to the horrors some face.
    Wishing you well in your move and your business Alex

    • Thanks for your advice and observations Sue, I agree, bears produce quality learning experiences to grow from. Dealing with such bears in the moment is hard and painful, but in hindsight, in the moments free from the emotional turmoil they can cause it is noted how positive the outcomes they produce can be.

  4. Sale of a rent house happened to my sister and her young family earlier this year, they were given 2 weeks notice. Happily, they managed to land on their feet. I hope your search is fruitful and you end up somewhere you like even more than where you are now. I hope there isn’t too much interruption in your blogging and business.

    • Fortunately I have 2 months notice to find a new home, which is better than the awful situation your sister must have had with only 2 weeks notice. Thanks for your best wishes, I hope for a better outcome too.

  5. Good luck finding a new home.

  6. I hate angry bears, met a few during my life, so my sympathies are with you.


  7. Renard Moreau

    [ Sighs ] I am sorry to hear that you are going through some turmoil.
    Virgin Media handled you unprofessionally. You requested that your services be cut on the 1st of July; instead, they cut everything today. I hope that you have a great lawyer and I also believe that you should be compensated for all of your troubles. After what I have just read, I don’t think that I would want the services of Virgin Media whenever I am vacationing the UK.
    I also hope that you find a new home soon and that you learn all that you can from those experiences; both negative and positive!

    • Thanks for your best wishes Renard. I feel badly treated by Virgin Media, and I will never use any of their services again. I intend to get compensation from Virgin Media by deducting it from the final bill they will send to me.

  8. Hope things work out for you and soon.

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