Living with less

Living a simpler life with less benefits self and others.

Nature takes what its needs, no more.

Nature takes what its needs, no more.

I currently only have a limited one gigabyte of bandwidth a month as an internet connection, which means I have to be careful how I use it.  Two thirds of the month of May is gone, and I have used up half my allocation.

I note that when people have more than they need, they become lazy, wasteful and greedy; they take for granted the food, water, health and money they have in abundance.  When resources are limited then people wake up, they suddenly appreciate the value of what they have.  Those with a fast broadband connection can download every Batman film that was created without breaking a sweat, but just one Batman film would wipe my internet connection out for the month.

No longer can I watch YouTube videos, or create a daily blog post.  I have filtered out all images.  For news I daily visit a text list of RSS news headings.  I today discovered the joy of free wifi hotspots, and I will use that newly discovered pleasure to increase my activity on WordPress.

From a business point of view I have sufficient internet capacity to run my business, but my personal life has become simpler now I no longer have instant fast internet connections.  No longer can I watch the latest Game of Thrones episode, now it is a game of Mahjong Titans on my laptop, my brain loves me for it. My monthly internet and telephone expenses has been cut by two thirds, so my bank balance is healthier.  I can appreciate the little I have with greater value, than so many people who take their lucky abundance for granted.

The people in authority have power over us since they have convinced us we are in need, to buy consumer junk with money we should be saving to satisfy a needy hunger that can never be satiated, thus always we are in poverty, unhappy, and in conflict with ourselves, each other and nature.  The choice is ours to step off the merry-go-round, to live with less rather than more.


22 responses to “Living with less

  1. Hi, Alex, its good to hear how you are managing.

    while I do have my high speed internet, I don’t have a working computer while it gets repaired and only have my phone to access the internet right now.

    I think we take way too much for granted and have allowed ourselves to believe we need everything marketed to us. This year has been one big experiment on living without and deciding where to draw the line.

    how is your house hunt coming?

    • I think it is only when circumstances force us to live with less do we really appreciate the value of what we miss, but then we learn then to live with less, or without. I don’t own a car, always getting around on foot, bike or public transport. I know so many who depends upon the car, their lives would be impacted without a car.

      The house move is still ongoing. I have a two month space to find a suitable place, preferably in the area I currently live in.

  2. Adjusting to less may take some getting use to. But its amazing once you start cutting back just what we can manage without. We have far too much and can well manage I think with much less.
    You are so right in saying we get caught up in being told we need this or that. So have to go out to buy the lastest gadgets etc.
    I wonder how many are in debt for items they don’t really need. And how many have paid for those so called bargins via credit cards to be still paying interest long after those items are no longer wanted??
    Wishing you well Alex.
    Sue x

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your good wishes.

      I attempt for a simple and modest outlook in life anyway, but it is amazing how much I still take for granted until it is lost or limited in some manner. It is a steep learning curve, but circumstances can force a rapid change in a swim or drown situation. One thing I have decided to do is never to be trapped into long term contracts for services or products, as I was with Virgin Media and their awful internet service, instead I shall go pay-as-you-go, as I do with my current mobile phone.

      The modern mantra is growth through relentless consumerism of junk nobody needs. A new storage company opened in Colchester recently to cater for all those people who own so many possessions they are unable to cope with their possessions in their home. Too many people are in debt, a dark hole in an increasingly challenging economic environment, how awful to be a slave to a bank.

      Living with less opens many doors to prosperity, it may take a crisis or challenge to learn to live with less for many people.

  3. Miss your posts and banter over at my place… Get well soon! 🙂


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  5. This may be a blessing in disguise, this lack of internet time available. I think it forces you to get back into your life, more appreciative and more alert.

    Over the last could of years, I’ve lost home, network of friends associated with job (i now work for self), even crashed at one filmmaking endeavor. Having to simplify is definitely a blessing in many ways. It all depends on how you look at it and what you do with it.

    You are missed, but your situation seems understood by most of us.

    Take good care. Til next time…

  6. Keep up the spirit. Remember you have friends in many places. Do not worry, you will be online regularly again some time soon.

  7. Perfectly put:

    “The people in authority have power over us since they have convinced us we are in need, to buy consumer junk with money we should be saving to satisfy a needy hunger that can never be satiated, thus always we are in poverty, unhappy, and in conflict with ourselves, each other and nature. “

  8. Many days I will go out with money in my pocket, but challenge myself not to spend any by not buying things like coffee or soda, simply drinking water. I bicycle almost constantly, which helps keep me fit and happy, and no doubt greatly reduces the constant stress some have of idling in traffic. Through the little things i’ve come to realize that spending on trivial things we don’t really need can actually cause the kind of stress we seek to avoid with constant spending on petty and unimportant gadgets and fast food, and other needless things we’re told are somehow important to our well being.

    • Well done James, I like your approach, this is exactly what I do.

      I do not drive, so I have to go everywhere either by public transport or on foot. I plan to invest in a bicycle at some point. Two weeks ago I had to do a 45 mile round trip on foot (running and walking) to a business project, which was a bit crazy, but I did it and saved money, as well as achieved a great personal challenge.

      Spending on trivial things however small can over time mount up over the year to a great deal of money. It takes will power to change old habits, to resist spending on the junk, but the benefits are huge if people focus on the important over the trivial.

      • pouchmaster

        It’s so much more rewarding to spend time in a park, or explore new areas on a bicycle. as opposed to say going to the mall to go window shopping at all of those things you don’t really need.

      • I totally agree. In nature everything is free and alive, who could want more?

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