Life like a jigsaw puzzle

There are moments in life it can be like you are dealing with a jigsaw puzzle.

The summer has provided a great opportunity to get away into nature for my passion in photography.

The summer has provided a great opportunity to get away into nature for my passion in photography.

I have been away longer than I would have liked.  Firstly, I welcome all my new followers to this blog; I hope you will find what has been written and my future posts useful to your own lives.

At this moment I am preparing for a house move, with limited internet and keeping a busy personal business going.  It might be said for those of you who have ever encountered in life a sudden group of challenges and changes that it can feel like a jigsaw puzzle.  A jigsaw of a thousand and more pieces, each piece a challenge, each requiring an investment of time, energy and money.  From opening a new business bank account to finding a new home, all these are pieces in my own personal jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece steadily I am putting together my jigsaw.

If you face many challenges in life it can be tempting to run away from it, but even the littlest problem left alone can in time grow to a larger issue later on.  Better to face any challenge head on, prioritise and throw everything at each problem, piece by piece, resolving each one.  In time, even though it can be hard work, and sometimes distressing, the jigsaw slowly comes together and the challenges become less.

Despite the challenges, remember to have fun, take regular breaks by doing those things you enjoy.  I like to head off into nature on occasion with my camera, some of the results that appears in my blog posts.  I wish you all a good weekend.


17 responses to “Life like a jigsaw puzzle

  1. Good to hear from you Alex. While I’m not planning to move for a very long time I am helping my son and family move this month. Even when it is your choice to move it still causes upheaval. I don’t want to move so when my apartment building was first listed for sale I extended my lease into 2015 to guarantee a little cushion.

    when I am stressed I do exactly what you do, I head off into nature. Hope you get settled in soon.

    • The upheaval is challenging, but fortunately I have experienced such moves before and so I know what to expect. Nature is a great healer and teacher.

  2. Have a happy weekend too Alex!
    I know that on your walkabouts in nature you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

  3. Good luck with the move!

  4. Glad to see a post from you! I am currently dealing with similar challenges. The stress is almost too much, but like you say getting out in nature helps immensely; I have been hiking a lot more recently! As for the problems of moving and whatnot, just one step at a time, tackling issues as they come, and not putting off what I can do today until tomorrow!

  5. Hi Alex, glad you are well, and yes often life is like a jigsaw and we sometimes need the right pieces to come together before we can complete the bigger picture.. I hope that soon things are settled… Sometimes our lives run smooth and at others not so… I have always found its how we tackle those challenges that help us grow stronger along our life’s pathway..
    Wishing you well my friend… and many thanks for adding your thoughts and taking time to comment upon my Blog..

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. It is as you say how we approach our challenges in life that makes us who we are. Harsh as some challenges are they hold a hidden blessing that can benefit us, all we have to do is be attentive, brave and willing to face the challenges that life throws at us.

      • Yes, we may not see the ‘Reasons’ right away, but believe me when i say you will eventually and then you will smile at the plan the Universe had all along! 🙂

  6. Alex you are my choice for the Inner Peace Award.
    I would be honoured if you accept.

  7. With too many tasks going on at once, it’s definitely easy to become scattered and full of anxiety. Through the difficult times, when it feels like you’ll never have the time to possibly finish all of the demands on you, it’s important to prioritize, stay calm, look after yourself and your body, and stop all non-urgent matters. The demands on our time are more significant and stressful now than ever before, due to devices like phone answering machines that force you to punch through number after number, none of which correspond to your needs, as opposed to the old days when a real person would answer your call and the problem could be solved much more quickly.

    • Hi James, all great advice. Yes, it is stressful to have to deal with machines rather than people when ringing people to solve a problem. Society has become too dependent upon machines, the complexity, the information overload.

      For me many challenges hit at once which has thrown me off balance. In time I will be back on my feet with regular blogging.

  8. … the past touches the present. good luck fellow traveller …

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