Stepping back

Letting events take their course sometimes is the better option.

Stewardship of plants and animals for prosperity rather than exploitation for profit.

Stewardship of plants and animals for prosperity rather than exploitation for profit.

I decided against writing to my local UK Member of Parliament today about a political issue, instead I chose to step back and let events take their course.  In recent weeks there has been in the media reports of an upsurge in social and political protest, be it in Brazil to Turkey, whilst daily further revelations emerge of the degree of monitoring that world governments in concert with each other and the corporates such as Facebook  have been inflicting on their citizens.

All world leaders without exception rather than be bridges to prosperity of their people act like a metaphorical parasitic varroa mite sucking the life out of the bee, in their case the people they fail to steward.  To maintain such a self-serving position world leaders use command and control techniques incorporating restriction, manipulation and monitoring.  To see what happens when these leaders indulge in command and control is to understand a few scientific principles.

The nature of energy is motion.  The universe we exist in has pattern and order thanks to energy systems, without which we would be destroyed by entropy.  These energy systems are under constant attack by entropy, which counter-act entropy through a destruction-renewal cycle that requires the free flow of energy in and out of those energy systems.  Restricted or blocked energy from an energy system causes entropy to engulf the energy system, leading to disorder and breakdown into simpler chaotic systems.

Noting the above science, when you realise our political, social and economic systems are energy systems, it should make sense why we have the events as evident in Turkey, Syria and Brazil.  Our hubristic, ignorant and controlling world leaders use command and control of our social, political and economic systems we depend upon for civilisation, which restricts, even blocks, the flow of energy, undermining the destruction-renewal process, causing the anarchy that is now observable.  Ironically the world leaders react to the chaos with more command and control, paradoxically causing worse disordered outcomes.

At some point I hope that these world leaders get a flash of enlightenment that command and control is a doomed strategy, until then I must step back and watch as social, political and economic systems collapse into chaos.  In reality our social, political and economic systems are expendable, but our environmental systems are critical life support systems, thus my limited resources go to protecting bees, trees and food diversity.


11 responses to “Stepping back

  1. I’ve found that involvement in politics is both dissatisifying and draining. The reason I write poetry is that it serves as an expression of nature, that it may help to inspire social change by inspiring people and that it gives me personal fulfilment too. That way I can’t completely lose.

    • I identify with what you say after experiencing the same outcomes as you did in political involvement. I now do what I love doing, for instance blogging or photography, and through this activity perhaps inspiring social change as you do via poetry. I use my business activity to make change too.

    • Politics… is so much on ‘their’ terms. By ‘their’ I mean the unenlightened masses who so often care only for the egocentric or economic view, or both. What I discovered after ten years in politics is how little is gained by following their rules.
      Solution: change the world by inspiration, let others know that there is a way outside the rules and limitations of the so-called ‘system’. Its the most powerful forces in the universe which creativity feeds on: evolution.

  2. Alex, I have missed your thoughtful posts. I couldn’t agree with you more. I stopped voting a few years back when I realized my vote had no meaning. I was either voting against some policy or person or voting for someone who failed to follow through on the promises that won my vote. Until the people have a real say I will leave that arena to others. Like you I am putting my efforts where I feel it does some good., the environment, food security, and trying to share what I know with the next generation in the hopes they will be able to make a difference or if not to at least pick up where I leave off.

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