Internet challenge

Meeting challenges requires work, attention and creativity.


I have resolved my internet challenge.

Challenges are the spice of life, challenges help you grow.  The challenge of finding a new home was quickly followed by the challenge of finding a new internet connection after my incompetent internet provider Virgin Media cut me off next day rather than in July as I had instructed them.  I was left in a panic to get a new internet connection, which my business depended upon, as well as keeping this blog going.

Any challenge is resolved by work, creativity and attention.  If you pay attention you will find the hidden doors to resolve the challenge.  Results come with work, the lazy drown in their holes.  Creativity is usually required to think outside the box.

I signed up to T-mobile, a USB stick that gives me 1 gigabyte of bandwidth a month for £10 a month.  I like pre-paid options since you are not chained to long-term contracts and you have greater control of what you are paying out.  With my business needs met, this was inadequate for my blogging needs, since I had to keep a tight control of my internet activity with priority going to my business.

I discovered free wi-fi.  I joined Colchester library giving me free unlimited access to their wi-fi during opening hours.  I discovered certain department stores, pubs and art venues around Colchester also had free wi-fi, so I would sit on a bench close by using their connection to read WordPress blogs.

I hit the problem of my six-year-old laptop having a battery life of 30 minutes, which made it hard to spend much time dealing with the backlog of blog posts of the blogs I follow on WordPress that at one point was 2400 in my e-mail box. Investigation revealed a new laptop battery would be at least £40, and so I made the choice to buy a second-hand laptop at £160, which in every category was superior to my old laptop.  Now I have two laptops, but one with a battery life of three hours.

The bandwidth ran out on my T-mobile USB connection on Sunday, which was when I discovered they still allowed you use of the internet connection to read e-mail and browse the internet, but banned watching of videos, or streaming. As readers may have noticed I am now posting, reading and commenting on a regular basis.  My backlog of blogs posts of those who I follow is now less than 300.  Many challenges still sit growling at my door, but the internet challenge is now resolved.


14 responses to “Internet challenge

  1. Ah, that explains the wonderful number of ‘Likes’ that have been coming from you over on LfD! But what a backlog! Think I would have lost heart well before 2,400 arrived. (Of course, I’m now generating another email for you!)

    • I now have a backlog of less than 200 blog posts to read, and there are more of your posts still to read in that backlog along with the one you are now about to generate 🙂

      • Google “pringle antenna”, please. You may find, that with a little creativity, and if you know somewhere you have free wi-fi, you can extend the range by as much as a couple of kilometers to your house, if you have a free view sight to that place. Even if not free line of sight, you could boost signals so as to probably solve your issue.
        You can repay the community later by offering to share your wifi connection some time later when you reconnect to a fixed line. Some routers offer to split your wifi into a guest network where you can limit speed also so you dont go overboard.

      • Hi LV, I ran a Google search. This is an awesome find. Thanks!

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] As you have noticed challenges help us grow. Also, you could consider what happened to you as a blessing in disguise; because if it didn’t happen, you would have been a slave to Virgin Media.

    Also a fabulous day to everyone who reads Alex’s blog!

    • I remembered you saying once that you were outside the pub, beer and blogging, how wonderful.

      Yes, I had a plethora of likes and comments yesterday, I was like a one-armed-paperhanger trying to keep up with you. I think there are still a few dags to shear off.

      Thanks, my numbers were up yesterday, Genes broke the record for ‘Likes’.


    • You are right about being a slave to Virgin Media. I have saved a lot of money through this challenge.

  3. I applaud your resourcefulness Alex. Bravo. And 2400 backlog. Wow. You are industrious chopping through it. Thanks for your followership and your great posts.

  4. Glad the library was able to help. You must have been doing some frenetic reading – I would have been tempted to delete the backlog and start again!

    • It was a challenge that lasted over a week. I enjoyed reading about the thoughts and experiences of the writers I follow. The temptation was there to delete, though I resisted and will now stay on top of the reading.

  5. Glad you are back 🙂 and laughter here as my 5 yr old laptop has the same problem with the battery life.. But there is nothing wrong with it else where and its insured.. so I live quite happily plugged in! 🙂

    Amazing when you look there are always ways and means around every problem…
    I hope you have an enjoyable week ahead Alex.. have a great rest of the evening.. Sue

    • You are right Sue, there are always answers to every challenge, if we pay attention.

      I have been out in nature with my camera this evening. I wish you a great week too, Sue.

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