The little dead sparrow

The choice is to live life or waste it, death is certain.

The choice is ours to celebrate or waste our lives.

The choice is ours to celebrate or waste our lives.

I came across a bird in the road yesterday, a sparrow that lay still though it may have been my imagination that it was still alive.  I carried this little bird to a quiet place of safety, laying it carefully upon the ground.  An hour later I returned, and there the bird lay, eyes open seeing nothing, an interested fly had landed upon it, it was plainly dead.  The bird reminded me of what the Buddhist blogger lijiun calls the impermanence of life.  When we signed up to the roller coaster called life in the small print was the word “death.”  Nothing is permanent, everything changes in small cycles of life and death until the ultimate moment of our own expiration.  The choice is there to live life in prosperity or waste it screaming and protesting into the abyss of misery.  Being happy, healthy and abundant is a choice we make, the little dead sparrow a reminder to us that regardless of what choices we make death is certain, life is precious.


20 responses to “The little dead sparrow

  1. francesclarke07

    Wise words 🙂

  2. Great post Alex. I love the way you are so aware of the little things around you that give you such a profound insight into life. Life is precious and an attitude of gratitude for every single wonderful moment of it will bring peace and happiness, which can only come from within. Glad your back posting, you have been missed 😃

    • Thanks Terry. Nature is a wonderful teacher, reminding us to live life to the full. Each of us can develop a sense of the small things around us by practising being attentive with the senses we are born with. Nature is all around us to teach us important lessons, all we have to do is be aware of nature.

      It is great to be back posting again.

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  4. Thank you Alex. You always seem to know what I need to hear. I’m so glad I found your blog.

  5. Nature is a great teacher, it’s a pity that most of the human race are like recalcitrant schoolboys, too busy to take notice.


  6. Alex, death is always lurking in the shadows. To not embrace life and living to the fullest would be the saddest thing I could imagine.

  7. Death is but a door we all pass through.. Its what we do in life that counts as to what we take with us on that ultimate journey we all of us embark upon.. I think this little sparrow didnt pass unnoticed.. nor did it worry about its end.. It just enjoyed Being a Sparrow living each moment to its fullest..
    A lesson we could all of us learn from 🙂 And thank you Alex for your kind act in placing it gently away..

  8. Very nice piece. Thank You for visiting my site.
    I really love this piece. Truth is like a sword with two edges. It enables us to see even ourselves in a clear light.

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