Think BIG

Have a BIG dream, then work at making the dream happen.

Think BIG!

Think BIG!

Think BIG! was the message I came away with yesterday from an art gallery in Colchester which debated the future of creativity in my town.  Attended by creative people, politicians and other interested parties a world leading consultant invited everyone to think big about the future of creativity in Colchester.

Colchester is at a crossroads, an identity crisis, a market town, a garrison town, Britain’s oldest recorded town, none of this captured the heritage, culture and diversity of one of the most rapidly expanding places in Britain.  It was a source of frustration to me personally, disappointed that our county rival Chelmsford won the city status rather than us from the Queen in 2012.  From the moment Boadicea burnt Colchester to the ground two thousand years ago Colchester never captured its former greatness as the place of legends, former capital of Britain,  protected by its own war-god Camulos, seat of kings, and destination of emperors.

Everyone broke up into groups to brainstorm ideas for taking creativity forward in Colchester.  In my group we struggled with the identity for the town.  Knowing that the core of creativity exists inside the Roman walls of Colchester I suggested “City of Victory,” a grand title bestowed upon Colchester by Emperor Claudius. Everyone liked the idea, and thus the idea emerged for consideration in the overall plan for Colchester’s future.  “Think BIG,” I thought.

In a gathering afterwards I met a film maker.  I asked him what was his ambition, or theme he would like to make his mark in.  Shockingly he had no dream, no vision, he had nothing to motivate him, to shape his choices, he failed to think BIG.  I hope my question will act like a seed, and perhaps he will at some point consider what his dream would be.  Everyone and everything needs a dream, and be something magnificent and BIG, a driving force to make life worth living, a proud legacy. Think BIG!


7 responses to “Think BIG

  1. Great message… thank-you!

  2. Alex, too many are just like the film maker you met. They have no big dreams or big ideas, they flounder through life. The result is usually depression or regret later in life. Good luck helping to bring an identity to your home town, what a wonderful experience to be involved in moving a city forward with a vision.

    • I hope to play my small part in my community. People can make a difference at the community level. I am sorry that so many people for lack of a big dream or idea will look back at wasted unsatisfied lives with regret.

  3. everyone should have a Dream Alex,, and i meet so many who like your film maker seem to just roll with no vision of a better way of being….We can all of us make a difference should we desire to do so…. Many however seem to have no motivation of helping improve anything other than their own bank balance..
    Great choice you made Alex.. and I hope your idea wins victorious 🙂

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