Illusion of peace

Aim for harmony with the universe.

This Colchester canoeist never predicted he would become conflicted with a swan that attacked him because he had invaded its territory.

This Colchester canoeist never predicted he would become conflicted with a swan that attacked him because he had invaded its territory.

I consider peace is an illusion.  To explain this let me introduce you to Mars.  There are dedications and temples to Mars throughout the Roman and Celtic world, acknowledging how important Mars was to ancient people.  Many will know Mars is the god of war, few will know that Mars is a patron of healing and agriculture.  Through Mars plants grow, acknowledging the saying of Heraclitus “strife is justice,” through strife is a becoming.  Through conflict Mars brings about healing and growth.

Lets look at science.  This universe is a huge self-ordering energy system, consisting of variables such as galaxies, planets, you and me. Within this energy system is an eternal struggle between order and chaos.  The force behind chaos is entropy, which adds or subtracts energy to and from the variables that make up the universe, sending the system into disorder.  Naturally the universe creates counter forces to restore order, thus it may add energy to a disordered variable leading to complexity, in the same manner as the USA developed from States joining the Union, or by releasing energy leading to simplicity just as the USSR broke down into many smaller nation states.  The nature of the universe is towards harmony rather than peace, a constantly rolling cycle of balancing out the disorder created by entropy.

Thanks to entropy, the most powerful force in the universe, which both science and mythology agree will slay this universe, there will always be strife in our lives and this world.  Whilst they exist lions will always kill, earthquakes will rumble, storms roar and floods drown.  Humanity has chosen through their hubris, ignorance and control to fight against the natural laws and processes of nature, ironically causing more entropy for themselves, rather than following the path suggested by Mars of balancing out entropy leading to healing and growth.


6 responses to “Illusion of peace

  1. It is most unwise for humans to think we always have more right to exist in the universe, without taking into consideration the natural balance and order of things. At the same time, humans should challenge the order of things, but do so in utmost respect for mother nature.

    • Well said! There is nothing wrong with the human race challenging the natural order, but blind hubris can cause humanity unnecessary conflict and suffering when they ignore the natural principles and processes of the universe.

  2. We have gone far from just challenging and testing the laws of nature, forgetting there are limits we should respect.

  3. They say order comes from Chaos.. While I wholeheartedly believe that without one we would not know the other.. But it seems at times that Mankind instead of seeking Peace.. thrives in chaos and disorder…
    Man thinks himself/herself in charge and so rules accordingly to his man-made rules… He forgets Nature has been quite happily in balance for millions of years… And the only rules are those which govern the Universe… Which we all at some point have to adhere too..

    A thought provoking post..

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