Nature and me

Go out and experience the wild unpredictable magic of nature.

Nature is being challenging when it comes to photography this year.

Nature is being challenging when it comes to my photography this year.

This evening I was out with my camera to catch some photographs of plants and animals in nature.  Perhaps it was the garlic I had eaten against the mosquitoes, as rabbits, foxes, Stag Beetles, bats, hedgehogs, even a cat, ran away before I could get a decent photo.  I shot good photographs of flowers, who at least are one life form that has no legs.

On other days when I have no camera, nature will show its elusive magic.  Blackbirds have grown bold now they have young to feed, so I am an arm’s length from them and they won’t flee  Working as a team a male blackbird and its mate dive bombed a cat, sending it fleeing.  I applauded at the incredible sight of a humiliated cat chased away by the parent blackbirds defending their nest.  In Brightlingsea, near Colchester, a blackbird flew out of a flowering bush next to the front door of a house I was visiting, in this bush at shoulder height was a nest with four hungry chicks in; I could have reached out and touched them; I wished I had my camera.  On the same day was a duck standing on one leg on a roof top apparently conversing with three young crows.

Since the spring animals have been fighting over territory and mates.  Two sparrows were fighting in front of me recently.  One sparrow drove another to the ground with its beak clamped to the other’s throat.  It was a vicious fight, with the sparrow breaking free with the other in hot pursuit.  Animals being opportunists are happy to use human structures to nest in, and thus above me in St Osyth, was two huge fluffy seagull chicks looking down on me from a chimney with a parent sending warning cries in my direction.  There was no sign of a nest, but the seagull had apparently laid two eggs on a precarious chimney pot and successfully raised young without them falling off.  Nature is amazing.


16 responses to “Nature and me

  1. Most people don’t bother to even notice. I love pausing to take in the marvels, they are there, as you know, to discover if you bother looking.


  2. Alex, I too enjoy watching nature. The roof vent has been home to birds each year. The groundhog vacated its home of at least 3 years to be taken over by a skunk. The Mourning doves aren’t afraid of us and willingly share the field with the human residents. The crows leave when the bald eagles start circling. The geese tell us the time by the direction they are flying overhead. I wish you had gotten more pictures to share with us.

  3. Your commentary is just as good as photos. I am being slow walking around everywhere at the moment as I keep getting distracted by taking photos of bees in gardens.

  4. Isnt that just the case Alex, when we have no camera!.. Blackbirds When digging in the garden are always following you around and pecking out the odd earthworm or two… Camera or not.. Nature is forever showing us her pictures through her lens .. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Love the squirrel tail pic- it’s a very good shot… of a tail… made me chuckle 🙂

  6. Or is it a cat? On second thoughts many not be bushy enough for a squirrel?

    • I can confirm it was a squirrel which refused to stay still long enough for a decent picture, none of the animals wanted their photograph taken on Saturday.

  7. The other day I came across an injured pigeon in the middle of the road. Terrified and frantically flapping it’s wings. No one was acting to help, just walking by, and the next thing I know I was off my bike, and stopping traffic to move it to safety. I calmed it down and found a box and took it home, and found someone willing to take it in after a search, and dropped it off, where it is now resting comfortably. I would definitely say the experience connected me to the pigeon as I had known so little about them before. By deciding to take action and figure out the rest later, I was able to render aid to this helpless bird, while others around me were simply choosing not to get involved. A definite bonding and learning experience! Well worth the day I lost!

    • Such experiences are priceless.

      Thanks for sharing this story. You made a difference to one little creature, and in a sense you connected with all of nature by doing that.

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