Developing your creativity

In nature I wonder at the beauty, complexity and design of the creative process of life.

In nature I wonder at the beauty, complexity and design of the creative process of life.

Yesterday (Sunday) I enjoyed a creative evening in nature developing my interest in photography and philosophy.  I redefined my personal definition of creativity as follows:

Creativity is a process of seeing, creation and reproduction of existing and new patterns.

We live in a creative universe, which I metaphorically see as like a river, which we dive in, swim in, and live, in a cycle of strife and renewal leading to life, growth and creativity through complexity rather than the opposite of decay and stagnation of entropy. Anything in motion that leads to new life, rainbows and poems are manifestations of the creative process of this universe, a process that human beings, all of life, in both mind and body have evolved in design for.

The Stag Beetles that flew about my head in abundance over the weekend in Colchester, an endangered species of the largest beetle in the UK, are living the creative process, the male once it had mated, the female once it had laid its eggs, dying after completing their creative goals of setting in motion a new cycle of life.

Science has made great strides developing strategies for enhancing creativity.  The human brain evolved in design for seeing, creating and reproducing patterns, thus it is through tapping into these neural processes that you can develop your creativity.  A straight forward technique is to encourage the human brain to send its brain impulses down new neural pathways, thus you immediately are making new connections that you would not otherwise make.  If you do a new activity, or an old activity in a new way, or participate in a new experience you will immediately be making new connections, your creative output rises dramatically.

A I hunted for interesting photographs I changed my path to different environments, a river, a river bank, a field, a hedge, a wood, and so I was able to meet new and interesting animals or plants.  I have also changed my routine from day to evening, so I was able to meet the creatures of the evening, the bats, the hedgehogs, foxes and Stag Beetles.  Lucky opportunities come your way as I did with a family of swans at an angle from a bridge that gave me good quality photographs.  As I photographed so my mind was developing my ideas in philosophy and business, such as my new definition for creativity and certain enhancements to my overall business plan.


3 responses to “Developing your creativity

  1. I love your photo. Nature inspires me every day in some small way sparking ideas I hadn’t thought of before. It cam be as simple as a new color I want to incorporate into my living space.

    • Nature is a free source for inspiration, learning and healing which so many people miss out on. I am glad you are taking the opportunity to benefit from this free resource.

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