Bust your boundaries

Winners can break through hidden boundaries to prosperity.

The green grass was greener on the other side of the river, but the cows were too afraid to cross.

The green grass was greener on the other side of the river, but the cows were too afraid to cross.

Last Sunday I passed a field of cows separated from me by a shallow section of river in Colchester.  Enjoying the sun all these cows had been lying down, but seeing a passing human all began to stand and gather in my direction.  The devil in me entertained the idea if I could persuade the cows to cross the river into my field.  I talked to the cows, waving delicious grass towards them on my side of the river.  One cow did enter the river but then did not attempt to go further.

The river would not have been much of a challenge to these cows had they wanted to cross to the other side, especially if a fire-breathing dragon was right behind them. The river presented in the minds of the cows a formidable barrier of anxiety which kept them on their side of the river with no need for fences.  Our own invisible barriers limit us, those hidden limits imposed upon us by authority figures, society and life experiences, that often limit our dreams and potential.

If we were to become aware of those barriers, we could bust those limits to achieve outcomes beyond our wildest dreams.  The green grass was greener on my side of the river than on the cow’s side, however the limit of a shallow river will prevent the cows from ever experiencing such delicious grass.


18 responses to “Bust your boundaries

  1. In my younger years, my “I can’t do it” attitude was prevalent, and kept me from taking on many of the challenges I so badly wanted to do. This illusion had to be challenged again and again and it is now, in my thirties, that many of those challenges are being taken on. Recently I finished a diploma that could have been done more than 10 years ago, have brought my body into a superbly fit state, and have been actively involved in the martial arts, including MMA, while everyone else in the class is much younger, because they never carried such incredible self doubts. I am becoming in my thirties what I should have been in my early twenties, by finally stepping widely outside my comfort zone. The earlier you face the illusions, the better.

    • It is awesome to read about how busting through your own boundaries has worked for you. Keep doing that and live the dreams you want to live, there are no regrets in later age for living the life you wanted rather than having it limited by the boundaries you or others placed upon yourself. You are right, the earlier you bust the boundaries the more opportunities you have to achieve the life you want to live.

      • Thanks Alex, it’s James, When I forget the name it always comes up as Pouchmaster. I wanted to add that busting through those barriers also enables all kind of new and creative thinking skills as well. Truly a power unlocked!

      • I agree, like a magical key to endless adventure and growth.

  2. Growing up with a disability I was told I could do anything, just differently from how others did them. I still recall not being able to climb a large step at age 4, no one would help because they wanted me to figure it out. I finally did and it became a pattern in my life not to ask for help but to go and do it. I have had fears stop me from some things, but those were when my decisions would have affected others, possibly negatively.

  3. Nice metaphor, and two great comments above!

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  5. So many of us Alex unknowingly erect barriers in front of us all the time, as we go through life.. We become ‘thick-skinned’ and Wear masks, unwilling to allow ourselves the freedom of just being who we want to be.. As we put limits upon ourselves as we allow others opinions and become fearful of ridicule etc…
    The Cows have a physical barrier to cross.. We hold onto an emotional one all to often and then look to blame others for our Lacking, or wanting… When in fact should we truly face our Invisible selves and look beyond deep within……. We would see we have kept our own selves prisoner within our own Thinking and perceptions….

    Great thought provoking post Alex..

  6. Unrelated to your post’s topic, but I just love cows and the fact that you stopped to talk to them – even if it was over a perceived barrier! Cows seem to enjoy human interaction and are such sweet creatures.

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