Be in harmony with nature

Do unto nature as you expect done to you.

Bee acts in harmony with flower.

Bee acts in harmony with flower.

I am spending some of my late evenings in Hilly Fields and an area north of it with my camera, note-book and pen, taking advantage of the Summer evenings, even if they are usually cold and wet.  It is a time I can get away from most of humanity to indulge in creative thinking and photography in places of my ancestors, nature and an awesome creative environment.

It is often the case that nature will present a challenge to a good photo opportunity, for instance I wished to take a photo of a flower, but an insect was in the flower which in my mind spoiled the shot.  I could have evicted the insect, but I decided to let it be.  If I was sitting enjoying a moment in nature would I like being evicted from my spot so someone could get a good photograph?

One of the key problems between humanity and nature is that humanity views nature as a nuisance and thus controlled, evicted or eliminated.  Humanity needs to live in houses, but the damage to the environment is the disharmony of the construction process rather than the houses themselves to nature.  Is it possible to co-exist with a forest, spring or animal colony without evicting, destroying or wiping it out in building a new housing estate?

There was so much going on around me one evening on a bridge: bats flew above me; a frog startled me as it lunged at an insect out of the water on my right; a parent feeding a noisy nest of Moorhen chicks in the reeds to my left.  This was an experiential delight, something most of humanity are oblivious of.

Upon the Hilly Fields the tokens of human respect for nature, garbage thrown upon the ground.  I shall after writing this return to Hilly Fields and pick up some of this garbage.  If only people could respect and live in harmony with nature.


6 responses to “Be in harmony with nature

  1. Of course you are spot on. However our desire for a harmonious relationship with nature was put to the test recently when an infestation of carpenter ants were discovered in our roof. These ants eat wood. We live in a wooden house!

    Still the company that came in to eradicate them did use natural pest products.

    • It falls under the rule do no harm unless harm done to you. Had you attacked their home the ants would have attacked you. It follows if the ants are doing harm to your home then there is no wrong in defending your home. This is the way nature rolls, a mix of strife, balancing and renewal.

  2. I evaluated many issues when deciding where to move a couple of years ago, one was not to use materials I didn’t have too. I ended up finding my perfect home in a building standing for many years who’s first life was as a hotel, this seemed to have the smallest environmental impact to me as nothing much had been done except to add a water line for a kitchen sink and then a couple of cabinets for a kitchen area.

  3. It always amazes me how people litter up their own neighborhoods around here. The garbage problem is really out of control. If they can’t respect their own living spaces, then surely they will never care about nature’s. Responsibility and the connection to nature is lost on so many and replaced with a blind anger.

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