Sacred life

Holding life as sacred.

Life is sacred.

Sacredness of life.

If you have ever held a new-born baby or a little animal you awake to a feeling akin to the sacredness of life.  Here be a little living thing, a bundle of life seeking life, growth and creation.  Perhaps you have experienced when life passed away from a once living entity.

Living things are not harmed by me if they do no harm to me. The mosquito that metaphorically waved its sword in my direction ready to bite died under my hand.

Stumbling into a wasp nest many years ago, the wasps viciously attacked me, a trauma that caused me for many years to instantly kill wasps that crossed my path.  Today was different for one small wasp that landed upon a pan in my kitchen.  Remembering the sacredness of life my feelings towards the wasp, assisted by several years of trouble-free wasp activity thanks to the UK climate, moderated my hostile reaction towards it.

Guiding the wasp with paper it flew back out of the window.  The wasp stupidly returned, with trouble again a paper escorted the wasp out of the window.  It was a small thing, which kept my anxiety of wasps to a minimum.  The fourth time it returned to bother me was when I was becoming seriously pissed off and homicidal towards it.  The wasp lived, having been guided out of the window, I closed the window.  It can sometimes be challenging to remember the sacredness of life, and this was the only reason a certain small wasp is still flying around alive as I write this.


25 responses to “Sacred life

  1. …therefore i am writing f o r children´s sake!
    Is it o.k. for You reblogging unto my blog`?

  2. bro, Thanks for saving the tiny wasp.. Great! you see life in other creatures… Cheers!

  3. It’s very easy to get angry at the fly that’s keeping you awake and won’t leave the room. Or to accidentally squash things. I recall a spider falling on me. My instinct was to slap it off my shoulder. I squashed it and completely horrified.

  4. I much prefer the window option, I have spray for mosquitos, here we have a big problem with dengue fever, but for all others, the window suffices.


  5. I’m glad you were able to overcome your anxiety with wasps and let him or her live another day! At certain points in the year, they help control the mosquito population! (You know…when they don’t have a sweet tooth and they get distracted by flowers and soda! LOL) And yes… holding a baby really brings the sacredness of life into crystal clear focus!

  6. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] You handled the situation well with the wasp, Alex.

    All life is sacred!

  7. Yes, I still after all these years remember the awe of holding each of my sons for the first time. I too will chase flying insects out of my home, carry out spiders and the like. Today I was taken aback when my granddaughter brought me a slug she wanted me to pet, I won’t kill them but I’d rather not touch them.

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  9. The connection with the pigeon I rescued is still in my mind. A real learning experience and connection with what most people simply consider vermin.

    • When you connect with a living thing it becomes something unique and close. Sadly people are blind to the beauty of an individual creature, only in their ignorance seeing a subjective prejudice. When I brought an injured crow to a veterinary surgeon all the receptionist could see was an evil bird.

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