The wolf at the door

Would a hungry wolf at the door motivate you to action?

Entropy takes no prisoners.

Entropy takes no prisoners.

A self-appointed Christian prophet of doom must have been happy on Saturday when I turned up on his blog agreeing with what he said.  Repent! He cried when he announced nations and the global economy would be destroyed. I agreed. He announced the doom of the world because of abandonment of morality.  I agreed. His God was angry and was going to punish humanity, I agreed with reservations.  Regardless of who is doing the destroying, humanity is in big trouble, since it is an undeniable fact that Entropy exists, and this natural force is an ugly beast you don’t want to tangle with down a dark alley.  In popular culture Entropy is the Grim Reaper, scientists boringly call it chaos theory or entropy.  The simple rule is when you live an unsustainable life entropy gate crashes your party and ruins your life.

I question if this Christian doom-merchant has an understanding of the consequences or really believes it will happen that the outcome he appears to positively hope for will come into being.  It is easy to talk doom from behind the safety of a computer keyboard, in a democracy and security of the modern aspects of modern civilisation.  Would this Christian be so enthusiastic for the collapse of civilisation with no running water, no electricity for his internet, the cupboards and food stores empty of food? Like children many of these types of people know not the consequences of what they hope for.

My Viking ancestors who caused Colchester so much trouble and destroyed an army sent against them at the Battle of Maldon in 991 CE liked to relate stories about a giant wolf called Fenris, who breaking free of his chains begins the process of the end of the world, in the great war of Ragnarok which destroys the known universe and where gods died.  Fenris is another metaphorical version of entropy.  The people of East Anglia, including Colchester, have a close affinity for devilish wolves and dogs they called the Black Shuck.

Now it is my desire to keep Liberated Way positive, offering solutions and insights, but in a background of stark realism.  It is motivating to a human being if they know there is a giant hungry wolf howling at the door trying to get in to eat them, thus using local legends of Black Shuck I offer a metaphor of Entropy being such a wolf.  Fenris and Black Shuck of course are colourful yarns to scare naughty children, but they have some truth in metaphor, and Entropy is real. If humanity exist in the unsustainable ways they currently are doing it is like hacking the chains free of Fenris.  The Christian doom-merchant is correct about the consequences of unleashing Entropy upon the world, because for the human race it will be Ragnarok.


14 responses to “The wolf at the door

  1. Great article. I sees the chaos coming, but not because of a sudden drop in morality, but because a sudden increase in morality. The dark can’t exist with light present, debate.

  2. I too see entropy, chaos happening around me in the US. While I can smile and feel comfortable tight little community, all you have is venture a little further to see the signs of despair and decay eating away at society at large. I try to stay positive, but I have to be realistic as well.

  3. Is the end nigh.?? We certainly seem to be doing our best to bring it closer.. will it be sudden.?? not sure on that one, but feel it will be gradual and slowly pick up speed. If that is the case then we seem to be on the slow roll forward at present, and with an impending speed up just a little further down the road… beware people, use the hand brake now…

  4. It is amusing to think that one of the Vikings who attacked your land might be one of my distant relatives. We did put our marks on your country even before the Romans…

    • Your distant relatives left a big impression on the national psyche. Colchester was amongst many places who were forced to pay a gold tribute to the Vikings called the Danegeld to stop our towns being ravished.

  5. (Amusing for the historic reason of course. I wouldn’t do the same thing today 🙂

  6. Like you, Alex, and many others of your readers, I regard change as much an opportunity than the loss of the known. But there are times when one reads something that most definately does not fall into the bedtime story album. As in:

    • Thanks for the link Paul. I have been noting for a few years that many governments have been quietly arming, passing laws and training their forces for civil disorder.

      What will happen is going to be harsh, but it will be an opportunity for positive outcomes for those that survive.

  7. His simple assumption that this is happening simply because God is angry has severely limited his understanding of why this is happening. All of this has been inevitable for a very long time. The Fast breeding and consumption based Christian lifestyle is actually a major cause.

    • Some religions such as Christianity provides the opportunity to blame something else such as Satan rather than take responsibility for the crisis the individual caused through their destructive choices.

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