Cycle of Life

Life seems like a cycle of birth, living and death.

Bees teach me about life and business.

Bees teach me about life and business.

I have the honour of following awesome bloggers on WordPress.  I learn inspirational teachings from their intimate life experiences that they share with their readers.  The cycle, for in my belief everything moves in cycles, of birth, life and death is if we are attentive to living life something we will often be reminded of in our interactions with others and nature.

Ditzy Druid follows a druid path, who I have had the pleasure of following from the moment she became aware of her pregnancy to the moment she held new life in her arms.

Nature Mom writes a blog about connecting children with nature.  Nature Mom is a dream parent every child should experience who records the daily activities of her child and herself with nature.

Lijiun is a Buddhist who shares daily experiences from their own life with a Buddhist theme running through their blog.  Lijiun has a cat called Little White who often acts as a teacher to them about the meaning of life and a reminder of Buddhist teachings.  Little White two weeks ago brought home a stray kitten, which it adopted as like a surrogate parent.  Yesterday Adik the kitten died, and a beautiful blog post by Lijiun in memory of Adik reminds us life is impermanent.

In my experience it is spooky how nature presents me with various animals to teach or remind me about the meaning of life.  Once when I was having an angry misanthropic moment against humanity, I came across a bird that bizarrely had trapped its leg in the bonnet of a car.  I had to hunt down the car owner, get them to release the bonnet whilst holding the bird to stop it harming itself in panic.  The bird reminded me to love life, to help living things.  As I wrote this paragraph a wasp came in through the open window, it hovered near me, then disappeared out of the window.  I can only smile at yet another reminder of the sacredness of life.


16 responses to “Cycle of Life

  1. Alex, just read the account of Adik and just now lost in my own thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much for your post.

  2. Reblogged this on My Daily Internet Marketing Journal and commented:
    There are moments that not even money, success not anythings…in your world view will fulfill, those moments that we need to get back in touch with the real life, away from business, and calmly appreciates life the way it is, those moments remind us of how beautiful life is, and a hearty article by Alex Jones spells it really well.

  3. Great post here..I just needed something like this…

  4. Alex, you seem to have frequent wasp visitors lately. I have a general hesitancy around wasps myself. For the last two days I’ve noticed one on the outside frame of my window as I pass by. Today I stopped to wonder why and found it has a damaged wing and cannot fly. I have no idea what I could do for it, but was reminded to at least keep it safe from other bugs until it could find another place to rest.

  5. I enjoyed this rewarding post Alex… thank you…

  6. Thank you, bro… Respect and learn from all living beings… Cheers!

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  8. I just returned from several days in the mountains, away from all technology, and was pleasantly surprised to be included in this post. I awaken to Lijiun’s beautiful posts daily… being out of touch, I didn’t know about little Adik’s death! I’ll head there next to catch up. I look forward to exploring the writings of the Ditzy Druid. I’m sure this is a blog I will love. Thank you for including me. 🙂

    • It is always a pleasure reading your blog. I hope Ditzy Druid will be of interest to you as it does me. Taking a break from technology in nature is something I have started to do more often during this Summer.

  9. There is no limit to the lessons we can learn from all of nature’s creatures. On a recent trip to the beach, the Seagulls there impressed me in the sense that they all seemed well fed, and woke up everyday to sunshine and fresh air, without all the constant stress the rest of us feel. Made me wonder who is more free.

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