Raider of Hilly Fields

Do something unusual, interesting or different each day.


Neolithic spear head to the left, samien pottery fragment to the right, found on Hilly Fields, Colchester July 2013.

Do something interesting each day in life.  Inspired by Indiana Jones I decided to turn archaeologist and go raid the hidden archaeological treasures of Hilly Fields, Colchester.  It was a good start that I shared the same name as Indiana, being called Jones too.

Supported by my trusted army of rabbits and a couple of moles I was able to have a poke around the soil they had thrown to the surface.  The remains of history are everywhere on Hilly Fields, to put things in perspective one archaeological dig carted away 40 tons of pottery fragments.  Two thousand years ago there were probably more pottery kilns than rabbits on Hilly Fields, the evidence revealed even today as I came across many fragments of pottery thanks to my busy teams of rabbits.

Lots of boring pottery fragments are all very well, but today I wanted to leave Hilly Fields with something mind-blowing to show the Colchester Archaeological Trust, like Indiana Jones shows up with a Holy Grail or an Ark of the Covenant under his arm.  A change of tactics was to do field walking on Hilly Fields, which is to keep your eye on the ground as you walk for anything interesting on the ground.

My first discovery was samian pottery, which is a beautiful and expensive form of pottery only the richest of Romans could afford.  My ancestors imported the clay for samien pottery from France to Colchester where a specialist team of potters created the pottery.  I had always wanted to find this type of pottery, thus today I got lucky.

My second discovery was a neolithic flint spear head.  Before metal working our ancestors used stone tools which they shaped from flint.  It is an amazing feeling to hold an artefact one of my Colchester ancestors had been holding thousands of years before.  I might make the professional archaeologists go wow with a find showing there was neolithic activity going on in Hilly Fields.

Life is short, do something wild and different as often as you can.  Archaeologist today, who knows what I will be tomorrow.


6 responses to “Raider of Hilly Fields

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] The nice part about doing something daily is that boredom never gets the chance to lay its roots down in your life.

    Nice article, Alex.

  2. Not quiye Raider of the Lost Ark, but it is fascinating to be the one to discover a bit of history.


  3. My own interests keep changing from time to time. It can be an uphill depressing battle at first diving into something new, but with time understanding sets in as long as you are always trying new approaches to the problem, and most of the time it’s well worth the effort.

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