New anonymous search engine

There are ways to defend your privacy.

New anonymous search engine exists called DuckDuckGo.

New anonymous search engine exists called DuckDuckGo.

Long gone are the days the spy followed you down the road behind the screen of a newspaper, now they friend you on Facebook and let you tell them what you had for breakfast.  As it appears all the main search engines feed everything you search for back to the CIA, it is a blessing to discover DuckDuckGo a new search engine who say they do not log your searches, you can surf anonymously.

One of the corner stones of Liberated Way is liberty, and it was with interest I have noted three conclusions from the daily cascade of revelations associated with the leaks of Edward Snowden.

Firstly, it is great to know what one small individual can shake and shape the world as Snowden is doing.  Even little folk like me changed some aspects of my life to reduce State snooping into my life thanks to Snowden. I am sure tens if not hundreds of millions of people are changing habits and attitudes due to Snowden.

Secondly, it has been insightful to learn how joined up technology has become, how corporates and world governments have allowed the easy flow of information to the point a phone call of a harmless old woman in Outer Mongolia could in theory land instantly upon the desk of a spy in Washington DC, USA.

Thirdly, the depth of the paranoia and hubris that government rulers and their agencies have now become about their own people.  One can infer two conclusions from the revelations of governments spying on citizens, which is they regard their own people as the enemy, and they have declared war on their own people. I am with Plato when he says the purpose of the State is to benefit the people, I think our rulers never read Plato, and probably would have renditioned Socrates.

I am a lover of liberty, which includes my privacy.  The assertions of ruler and corporate that my personal information is safe rings hollow. It is the responsibility and choice of the individual to defend their liberty or allow faceless officials to take it away from them.  Little easy things that help privacy includes abandoning the services of internet services like Facebook; using cash rather than plastic for purchases; getting rid of loyalty cards; using anonymous search engines like DuckDuckGo.  The list goes on.  Liberty will never be the blessing of the ignorant and lazy, but the choice is there for all to minimise the impact of the State in their life, family and home.


19 responses to “New anonymous search engine

  1. I have been using StartPage ( )for the last month, DuckDuckGo isn’t image friendly, just had a look.

    But I agree with the reasons.


  2. It’s all so depressing, isn’t it? Makes you just want to run for the hills and be a cave man/woman. I used to live in a Conspiracy Theory house BEFORE the Snowden stuff, now—-yikes! But really, did anybody think that the govt. wasn’t already spying on them since 911? It’s been going on even before then…….long time.

  3. Nice piece, by the way. Forgot my manners!

  4. With you Alex, I’ll check them out. Thanks, Andy.

  5. I just checked out this search engine and like it very much. I found sites that don’t show up on engines like Google. Thank you, I had heard of another one but forgot what it was called. I am tired of being followed, like you, as a result I have returned to using cash as my means of payment and am cutting up the reward cards (I only had two).

    • Every little actions each of us takes to reduce the invasion on our privacy is a step towards liberty. Another search engine like DuckDuckGo is called “StartPage.”

  6. Obviously governments around the world are feeling threatened by their own people.
    If it weren’t for a shortage of money,they might start wars to convince people of their indispensability!

    • It is a common strategy governments use to start wars to focus their people away from their problems, this is another sign of troubles when a government is unable to afford a tried and well tested strategy like war making.

  7. Use the non tracking search engine. The image search is really good.

  8. No Tracking !! – Search Anonymously

    search the web anonymous! we do not trace, we do not track!

    we will never share your activity with ANYONE. we are not in it for the money and we promote people like alex jones, and anyone who supports liberty. i have another news site that feed news into one convenient place i rss alex jones/ refit/ drudge report/ new york times/ youtube/ RTnews/ ANONYMOUS. ect anyone who i think can share important info at

    but more importantly and better than duckduckno search and search anonymous spread the word for the future of the internet

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