Chaos: baby playing random chess

“Eternity is like a child playing chess.” Heraclitus.

"Eternity is a child playing, playing chess; the kingdom belongs to a child." Heraclitus

“Eternity is a child playing, playing chess; the kingdom belongs to a child.”

It is universally agreed amongst cultures that before this universe was born there was chaos.  There is disagreement about how the ordered universe began out of this chaos, but a property of chaos is that it randomly rolls dice creating, shaping and destroying based upon the roll. It is arguable that this universe was an accident, a roll of metaphorical sixes of the dice.

Humanity naturally fears and hates chaos for spoiling the party, which they compare in various cultures to a demon, monster or beast bent upon destroying humanity and this universe.  The ancient Egyptians equated chaos to a snake called Apep, the priests daily participating in a cursing ritual against Apep to keep the universe from being destroyed.

Eternity is time, and time is a measure of change, another face of chaos.  Heraclitus says of eternity (chaos) that it is like a child playing chess.  Babies are random creatures who play random games, which is a good way of describing chaos, a baby playing a random game of chess.  Why be angry with a baby?, it is the nature of the baby to make a random mess, thus why be angry with chaos, which is a natural force doing what babies do, making a mess through random play.

It is due to chaos this universe came into being, and why we can think, move and breathe.  Chaos is behind the motion and change of this universe, it is a powerful force, that humanity has no chance of controlling. Because this is an ordered universe there are two forces playing chess against each other, echoing the Egyptian myth of the chaos monster Apep struggling with the ordering culture hero Thoth.  We are arguably the result of chess pieces being flung out of the game, manifestations of the eternal chess play of these two forces.

Whilst we are sailing through the air to our eventual demise, we have free will to determine the life and world we would wish to live. We have a choice between a random playing baby and a sophisticated self-ordering chess grand master in how we wish to determine our existence.  Do we wish an outcome like Syria or an outcome of honey? If you choose to smoke one hundred cigarettes a day, and kill all the bees, don’t blame the baby, blame yourself for the outcomes you manifested.


4 responses to “Chaos: baby playing random chess

  1. Yes. “Blame yourself for the outcomes you manifested.”

  2. We all have Choice.. and we each attract to us that which we think… Thought provoking post as always Alex

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