Buy fresh and local food

Buying fresh and local is healthy.


I eat cherries straight off a local tree.

Chinese police recently raided a criminal operation that was selling contaminated meat.  With the UK still recovering from the huge scandal of the food supply being contaminated with horse meat by gangsters, there is nothing unusual these days about the unethical and sometimes criminal activities going on in the food industry, but what captured my attention about this media report was the age of the chicken legs, they were nearly fifty years old, some dated to 1967.

Meat dated 1967, how yum. In addition to the age, they added bleach and other chemicals to give this ancient meat colour and weight.  This contaminated food destined for the Vietnam market could have ended up anywhere in the world, including your takeaway.

Despite all the reassurances of the experts and politicians, corruption, stupidity and laziness is everywhere, thus you follow a good strategy of questioning anything you eat.  You are certain of your food if you buy local and fresh, especially anything you grow or produce yourself.  The photograph on this post today is fresh off my camera of a cherry tree around the corner from me.  I am stuffing my face with cherries, you cannot get more fresh and local than this with cherries straight off the tree.


15 responses to “Buy fresh and local food

  1. You are lucky, I don’t even see cherry trees and need to buy them, as I love them and they are so good and healthy. That picture looks delicious!

  2. I recently took a brief trip to Spain where I ate local oranges straight off the tree. I eat well at home, but that was still a first for me. That cherry tree looks amazing!

    • I would love to pick oranges straight off the tree. The cherry tree is heavy with cherries, this is a bumper year for cherries, and likely to be the same for other fruits in the UK too.

      • I actually live in Pennsylvania/US, but my wife is English so I am in the UK fairly often to visit family.

        All I know about being the grower of things is that the stereotype of England raining all the time is not a stereotype but a fact. So I’m not sure how that would work for most fruits.

        I do love the area despite the rain, if it wasn’t for the silly laws prohibiting pit-bulls we would live there for a time.

      • We get rain all the time, and sometimes vast floods of water. The weather in the last few years has been crazy, throwing all the growing season out of alignment. The wasp populations have been wiped out in the last two years. The fruit season is late by at least six weeks, but this year will be a bumper harvest in all the fruits. The fruits in this country are adapted to rain and the colder climate. The warmer seasons have made grape growing increasingly popular, but no fruits like oranges can be grown here yet.

  3. Alex, that is disgusting. Your cherries sound much more appealing.

  4. Appalling Alex… buy local and buy fresh…. or better still if you can try growing your own… x

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