Monsanto broccoli patent

Monsanto is a growing threat to global food supply and the environment.

If Monsanto GM seeds pollute your own food they can sue you for patent infringement in the US and probably anywhere in the world.

If Monsanto GM seeds pollute natural food crops then they can potentially sue the farmer for patent infringement in the US and probably anywhere in the world.  Monsanto is a walking legal and environmental nightmare.

Unless it is newsworthy the main media fails to report developments such as Monsanto patents, but there is uproar amongst bloggers and alternative news sites about EU granting a patent to Monsanto over broccoli.  Unfortunately it is the nature of the internet for people to fail to check their facts and then misreported what is going on, thus one gets the impression that Monsanto has patented the growing of natural broccoli.

Amongst the inaccurate reporting and noise it seems Monsanto has patented a process or version of broccoli.  To make matters more confusing some food stores in UK are selling a Monsanto cross-breed between a wild and a commercial broccoli under the label Beneforte.  This type of broccoli is non-GM, merely a natural cross-breed, but it shows that Monsanto is moving into every aspect of food production both on the natural level and the genetic-monster level.  It is creepy how Monsanto is silently spreading its tentacles everywhere, not helped by inaccurate reporting and an uninterested media.

The only way to stop Monsanto and other corporates like them is a global ban on granting patents on plants, animals and living processes involving plants and animals.  Nobody should have control over the food supply, or over the processes of nature. Unfortunately the legal and commercial system we live in allows Monsanto to enslave and walk over anyone and everybody because it has the lawyers, marketing and lobbying power to get what it wants.


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  2. Agreed and reblogged. I can’t even tell you how afraid I am of what is going to happen with them in control.

  3. I have serious concerns since our governments are allowing patents to be granted and in our case states are forbidden to label GMO foods so there is no way to protect ourselves besides trusting where we get our seeds and saving seeds so we know what we are eating. Our current concerns are over the supposed outlawing of saving seeds.

    • We’ll save the seed anyway. They, the corporate congress, will have to kill many of us before we allow ‘them’ to take our seed. There aren’t enough prisons for us all. If things get worse, we’ll be going underground…

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you. My hope is that I am too small to be prosecuted.

      • No, quite the opposite, WE, are too BIG to be prosecuted and the movement grows every day! I feel encouraged, even with setbacks.
        If Monsanto and the others were really smart, they’d dig into the organic food movement, find a way to profit that doesn’t kill people, creatures and the earth. But then, they’re not smart, at all…

      • hard to grow food naturally underground – photosynthesis and all that…

      • I think in the way the word was used “underground” means to become an outlaw or low key. Technology provides the means for growing food underground or inside buildings without sunlight, in certain situations certain artificial lights stimulates the plant better than normal sunlight.

      • yup – I got the intended meaning – and know the tech (used extensively in growing “medicinal marijuana” for example) – it could also be argued that GMO produces plants that are “better” than heirloom – I still prefer the natural processes in terms of optimal health and safety – not to mention preservation of culture and the “family values” one finds in a working farm community

    • It is the lack of knowledge of what is and not GM food or seeds that must be a challenging issue for everyone in USA.

  4. it’s an interesting dilemma – some of these hybrids increase yield tremendously. That means many hungry people can be fed.

    • Hybridization of plants is not the same as genetic manipulation or modification. Hybrids may or may not increase a yield, but the genetically modified foods require massive amounts of pesticides to ‘increase yield tremendously,’ as you say, and after a time, a greater amount of poisons must be used. It’s a flawed system, unless the system is one of eugenics.

    • Naturally produced hybrids are beneficial, the genetically modified versions as Seapunk2 says below requires considerable chemical input to yield results on an ever diminishing basis. The indirect impacts of GM crops on the environment, health and the liberty of small farmers adds to the problem of hunger.

      • On our farm, which we lease — corn yield has increased so that our average yield is greater than the best yields of 20 years ago.

        Our tenant farmers use a mix of gm seeds.

      • Are your seeds provided by Monsanto?

      • some – they split each farm into segments and plant the various strains in the segments.

      • If you ever write a blog post on your experiences of using GM seeds in farming I would love to read about it.

      • Just checked with our farm manager:

        His words:

        The whole point of worm resistant corn is that it produces its own enzymes so when the worm eats it he dies. That is a definite advantage.

        so it has less of the bad poisons that are pesticides, but are the things that are bad for worms that eat only corn harmful to humans? Undetermined.

        Weighed against starvation, it’s a no-brainer. Weighed against luxury, maybe.

        I will let you know when I hear more.

      • Thanks for the feedback, billgncs.

      • one more comment from my farm manager:

        the actual corn is fine….it is the stalk and roots that they go after and is specifically designed for certain insects.

        I read recently that they are thinking of trying to grow corn with medicine in it – like the rice with the vitamins that prevent childhood blindness in Africa and Asia —

        Or a handful of corn seeds can grow inoculations for a poor village.

        maybe it’s just the hubris of man.

      • Hubris is a regular companion of humanity.

  5. MON810, one of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn is still being grown in a few areas of the EU, as well as one genetically modified potato. Monsanto, the largest of the BigAg companies, will do anything to spread their garbage anywhere in the world. It’s absolutely terrifying. I vote with my wallet as often as I can, and educate myself and others, as to the unlabeled GM foods and pesticide overuse in the states. Good post, Alex. Extremely important for the entire world.

  6. Monsanto has already got its tentacles dug so deep into the pockets of governments almost world wide that getting them uprooted is going to be a long hard slog… independent tests of their products, proving all sorts of unwanted results, are summarily ignored by the powers that be..Why? Heads get filled by misinformation of their claim to be able, in the future, to feed the masses, at what health cost is never mentioned… The super weeds now emerging that are becoming immune to “Roundup” are the next problem the poor farmer will have to face… and what does Monsanto care? Not a hoot, fill the coffers and kill the masses, who cares seems to be their motto… Have you read their pledge.?? what a lode..

    • I have been tempted to gather together to a website all the activities and known impacts of Monsanto, which I shall do at some point. One challenge of Monsanto is that politicians are corruptible, give them a financial donation and the politician becomes a willing ally to Monsanto’s ambitions.

      • I have written articles about Monsanto, and the others due to all the research that I have done due to Linda’s 3 different cancers… so I have a lot of info, apart from the fact I have qualifications in chemical use on farms when I was manager at a farmers co-op.. as well as so much more on the use of growth hormones and milk increase hormones for cattle…

      • Wow, awesome. I would be interested in reading those articles, Bulldog.

  7. Great article Alex and you know I agree with your thoughts on this one.. 🙂
    trying to work my way on catch up through my emails.. 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend

  8. Nobody has to eat or plant anything Monsanto sells, period. People do because they think it’s superior one way or another, right or wrong. Monsanto cannot force you, me, or anyone else to do anything. Period. Get real. It’s a business, for chrissake, it lives on money. If you don’t like their stuff, don’t buy it.

    • You have a simplistic view to the Monsanto question.

      • That is not a response, it is ad hominem. If you’re going to respond at all, please respond appropriately.

      • In principle I agreed with you, this was never meant as a personal attack on you. It is a simple ideal that all has choice and business should trade with no interference whatsoever. Liberty stands at the heart of Liberated Way blog. In USA in order for people to make a choice they need honesty and transparency, how can an individual make a choice if they do not even know if a food product is GM or not? If I am a small farmer and Monsanto has managed to corrupt my food crops with their seed against my wishes, they can sue me and put me out of business based upon their seed patents, how is that good business? This is why I say your view is simplistic. Monsanto can infringe choice and trade.

      • Thanks for your reply. I understand your point, but I never said that Monsanto should be allowed to do business without interference. I think, for example, that Roundup resistant corn is an appalling idea, and should be banned. However, let’s be a bit more generous with the blame. Monsanto could do nothing if farmers weren’t buying their products. Monsanto controls nothing it hasn’t developed through genetic modification or traditional hybridization, and all the seeds they’ve had nothing to do with are still available for anyone to use. They can’t force anyone to buy their product, yet many do, because they want higher yields. Back in the dust bowl, much, if not most, of the damage was caused by unsustainable methods used by farmers looking for higher yields, and now we see a similar disaster looming for the same reason.

        I doubt Monsanto could sue you in the circumstances you mention, and they almost certainly couldn’t win. But by all means, limit their reach, restore rational patent policy, and keep them under control. A little research on buyers of their products and feedlots that use them could inform an effective boycott campaign. But don’t let farmers off the hook; it’s their desire for higher yields at all costs that empowers Monsanto.

      • You are right about farmers, I also would blame the consumers and politicians.

      • Yep. In short, all of us. I’m afraid that if we just focus on Monsanto, Walmart, or some other scapegoat, we’ll think it let’s us off the hook, and nothing will change. Those guys are powerless without us to enable them.

        Thanks for putting up with me!

      • I welcome alternative point of views, gives me a reality check and helps me evolve my philosophy.

  9. From what I’ve read they’ve already been granted patent rights over certain conventional broccoli and or process in Europe via a loophole in the patent laws. These guys are trying to corner the market making us in essence slaves to their corporatocracy. I realize this may pertain to a specific broccoli and or process but what happens if ever farmer has to pay if they want to grow broccoli? This means the cost of planting broccoli will go up for the farmer and hence the consumer. This means less money out in society for good use and more pooled up in the in the coffers of a greedy corporation and the CEOs and share holders that control it. It also means less genetic diversity as they control the broccoli and no one else can diversify off that stock except them via natural selection which has been done freely by anyone since the dawn of agricultural until now which Monstanto is perversely trying to change. So much damage has already been done and Americans as a whole have been largely apathetic. We really need to get more politically active on this one else the world we leave our children will been severely diminished.

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