The tyranny of censorship

The internet belongs to us, not the authorities. 


Censorship of adult internet choice is wrong.

I remember at the age of four being deprived of my beloved Noddy books.  Written by children’s writer Enid Blyton, someone considered Noddy would corrupt my young mind.  The exact reason for this censorship is a mystery to me, my imagination runs wild contemplating how I could be corrupted by Noddy.

Moving on to the present, this liberty loving blogger has to suffer further censorship thanks to my internet service provider putting a filter on my online activity.  I have no problems about the censoring of nude people, but it is ridiculous that I am unable to read a fellow bloggers short story about rebellious bees.  The option is available for me to remove the filter by giving my credit card details, except I have no credit card. I got round the filter using a proxy.

This week the Government in the UK announced they were going to get all the UK internet service providers to install filters on all their customer accounts, furthermore the default would be that the filter would be active unless the customer asked for the turning off of the filter. Whilst this Government is starting to back track after realising their scheme is unworkable, especially if it is blocking sexual health sites, it raises the issue that authority figures think adult citizens incapable and immature to exercise their own choice to mature content.  Whilst it is reasonable that we should protect young minds, why must adult minds be subjected to the same tyranny?

Censorship is an ever creeping challenge that internet users face as politician, priest and corporate struggle to control a freedom loving chaotic beast.  Whilst it is hard to argue against censorship of material harmful to children, it is often hidden in a guise that wants to deny responsible adults of the choice as well.  It is often the way that it is censorship of extreme porn today, then Wikileaks tomorrow.

I am still aggrieved at being deprived of my Noddy books, and I am equally irritated with David Cameron the UK Prime Minister for even daring to censor my adult choice to what I see on the internet.


7 responses to “The tyranny of censorship

  1. Alex, I believe it is the parents responsibility to monitor what their children are exposed to. My children were not permitted to visit friends’ homes unless there was parent supervision. When a friend had a questionable home-life the child was invited to our home. The only computer with internet access was in our kitchen where I could hear or see what was being viewed. The government has greatly overstepped its role in too many areas of private citizens and needs to take a few steps back.

    I don’t know your Noddy books, but we faced criticism from family, friends and even teachers on the Harry Potter books and the historical fiction my eldest would read. When I had a question if the content was appropriate I would read it first and some times follow my reading with a discussion on the subject material before allowing him to read a particular book, but it was my choice as his parent, no one elses.

    It makes no sense that you would need a credit card to remove the filter, how ridiculous.

    • The whole situation of censorship is ridiculous from paranoia over content of children’s books to the need to censor adults internet content.

      You are right that the responsibility is with parents to protect their children, not the interfering Government. By doing what they are doing Government takes away the power and responsibility of the parent to their child, which then undermines the family.

  2. Noddy was a despicable character, he slept with Big Ears, in the same bed… I was of the Noddy generation, and this fact never entered my head until I read about when I was 30-odd, that’s how much it infected an impressionable mind. They are chasing ghosts that don’t exist.


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  4. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Alex, my biggest concern is: once the rest of the world sees this implemented by the UK, they may want to do the same thing to their citizens; you and I both know that this type of extreme action is not justified. For the record, I am not pleased with the idea of censorship either

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